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Cosmos S – I can see clearly now the mesh has gone

by Matt Davey on 6 March 2008, 22:29

Tags: Cosmos S, Cooler Master, PC

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Pass the Windolene!

Over on Cooler Master's stand, the company is displaying what it regards as the chassis of the show, the Cosmos S, about which many reviews (including our own) were completed just before the start of CeBIT 2008.

With a few on show, it would have been easy to miss the fact that Cooler Master has already made changes from the pre-production models that did the rounds of the reviews-circuit.

Here you can see that a side window has replaced the logo-ed mesh area. Some may say that this is hardly earth-shattering but, from our ears-on experience, it's a good bit more significant than it might at first seem.

One of the big issues we had with the chassis during our testing was the noise. It was reminiscent of a a wind-tunnel, with matters not helped by the poor design of fan-equipped plastic side panel. Well, with that arrangement gone, noise levels should improve dramatically.

But there's no word yet whether Cooler Master will ship this panel within a pre-build chassis or if it will only be available as an optional extra - which would be a crying shame. News on that as and when we get it.

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The Cosmos S has already been released in some countries, e.g. USA, and it has the normal side panel with 200mm fan as seen in every review so far.
That is true - although it's been launched in the UK for example, there is no stock due for another two-three weeks at least.

As for this article, it is possible they will launch a window varient as standard too - although they have yet to confirm this.

According to Coolermaster, UK launch isn't till 14th March
click on availability

edit - OCUK apparently have some in stock
If they have stock not even Cooler Master know about it…
Scan and Dabs have it too…

I've only got CCL and Ebuyer on my check list, perhaps other etailers have it aswell