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Lian Li shreds the rule-book again with new tower

by Matt Davey on 3 March 2008, 21:05

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Rule book, what rule book?

Lian Li has done it again. Just when you thought that the shell-shaped special edition would be the last of the craziness, we have a new one to add to the mix.

A slender tower of brushed black aluminium is the new offering on show here at CeBIT 2008. The pre-production sample we saw has four optical drive bays opening out from the sides of the chassis. Further improvements are promised over the coming months.

Inside, the layout is anything but ordinary. There are four 3.5in drive bays down the bottom; the motherboard tray comes up next, with three 180mm fans cooling both areas.

Further up we have the PSU area, with optical drives above it and space there for a further two 3.5in bays. As specifications go, it's pretty tasty – even if it is a bit eccentric.

Trust Lian Li to do this, just when you get used to the layout, it throws something new in the mix. Here's hoping it's finished soon - we'd like to get it through the HEXUS labs asap.

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Wow…. :|

The cooling of the northbidge, RAM CPU and graphics areas looks like it's going to be pretty damn great. It's pretty much the depth of a motherboard too.

Where's the extra 2 optical drives go though? I only see the 2?
Where's the extra 2 optical drives go though? I only see the 2?

On the other side I guess..
Yup, they are on the other side :)
But there doesn't appear to be any room to install all 4 at the same time - I suspect it can only have 2 installed at any given time - the slots on the other side are there to let you choose which side the drives are (as per the V300 and V350). I have a V300 and one of my pet peeves is that you have blanking plates on what should be the ‘clean’ (solid) side of the case.
They are still workng on this - I will check with them to double confirm the status on these drives - will do it later this morning :)