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CEBIT 2005 : Modding heaven!

by Nick Haywood on 22 March 2005, 00:00

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Modding goes extreme at CeBIT 2005

CeBIT 2005: Modders go mad!

To get noticed at CeBIT you need to be doing it either bigger or better than your competitors… or so the thinking goes. Of course, innovation always catches the eye, but imagination is a big attention grabber too. Which is why I found myself drawn to an area behind the WCG arena in halle 27, where to my delight, I found row upon row of perspex cases, and what filled them was really something rather special.

”The LAN Truck” – All it lacks is the teddy wired to the grille

No space for a Yorkie bar in there then!

Here, in the gloom behind WCG, was modders paradise. Imaginations had run wild and limited only by budget and technical know-how, home enthusiasts had gone to town to make a PC as unrecognisable as possible.

If you’re better with scenery than electronics….

It wouldn’t look out of place in a school bolier room, eh?

Sure, pretty much all of them are impractical and I’ll concede that your aluminium brushed case housing an AMD FX55 will score higher 3D marks… but it’s not about that.

I have a feeling the warranty might have been voided…

Inspired by that film “The Cube”?

I know for sure that if you could manage to get one of these beauties to a LAN, no amount of grunt under anyone else’s bonnet is going to turn heads from admiring your outlandish mod.

The two arms rotate with the LEDs lit….

….as you can see in the card, bottom right.

The cases you see here are part of a European-wide competition and were being voted for by the public, the results of which haven’t been released yet.

My perfect woman… good looking….

… and worth playing with!

And if you’re feeling inspired, take heart, cos it’s not about the grunt, it’s all about style.

Water cooling taken to the extreme

Don’t overclock it though, the fish tend to boil….

This is one way to give a new lease of life to that old 486 sitting in the loft…

Doom 3, huh? A bit well lit for Doom 3, isn’t it?

No really, that IS a working PC… honest!

And if you need to ask why, first go ask Hilary and Tensing why they did Everest… it’s cos you can, ok?