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OCZ Technology Group Makes Ground-Breaking Solutions A Reality At Computex 2007


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Computex 2007

Press Release

Live Demos of Innovative, Patent-Pending OCZ Products Showcased at Grand Hyatt, Exhibit Room No. 1118

Computex 2007—Taipei, Taiwan—June 5th, 2007—OCZ Technology Group, Inc., a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory and computer components, today is exhibiting a number of exciting prototypes and live technology at this year's Computex. Once a year, tech companies have the chance to impress the world with their next generation products at this renowned event; with a diversified offering of leading-edge PC products, OCZ aims make their mark on this year's Computex.

"OCZ is thrilled to introduce a number of exciting new solutions at the upcoming Computex 2007 show in Taipei," said Alex Mei, Executive VP and CMO, OCZ Technology Group. "Attendees and members of the international press will see firsthand a wide assortment of new OCZ and PC Power & Cooling products, as well as view live demonstrations of cutting edge new technologies and innovations that will be available to consumers in the second half of the year."

Firewire Drive

The patent-pending OCZ Firewire Drive is a new storage solution developed by OCZ to provide the inconceivable high-speed transfer rates enthusiasts can really get excited about. Designed to take over where traditional USB devices simply cannot go, the OCZ Firewire drive project is fully underway and OCZ will be demonstrating the exciting new prototype at Computex. The actual product development is almost completed and this next generation of ultra-fast OCZ flash drives will be available in Q3.

Neural Impulse Actuator

OCZ will be showcasing the latest prototype of the Neural Impulse Actuator which takes the first steps towards the full integration of central and peripheral nerve activity into controlling personal computers. OCZ is implementing this pioneering technology in an upcoming product that addresses gaming applications and will be demonstrated at Computex. The first product will allow users to control PC games without the use of a keyboard and minimal use of a mouse. Each of the Actuator's 11 signals can be assigned to a specific keystroke on the keyboard or a mouse button; consequentially, gamers can run, jump, and fire faster without "lifting a finger"!


OCZ will be exhibiting the first live system cooled with the unique OCZ HydroJet, a self contained liquid CPU cooler that offloads heat more efficiently than conventional air cooling solutions. The HydroJet was developed to make it easier than ever before for consumers to take advantage of the benefits of liquid cooling ."OCZ and PC Power & Cooling are both technology leaders that share a common passion for delivering premium solutions to consumers," said Ryan Petersen, CEO of OCZ Technology Group. "By bringing these two established companies together we are able to leverage the strengths of each organization and accelerate the development of cutting edge products for a variety of markets. We believe that collectively OCZ and PC Power & Cooling will build on our combined heritage to revolutionize high end computing."

PC Power and Cooling

Computex 2007 will set the stage for the solidification of the recent OCZ Technology acquisition of renowned power management leader, PC Power & Cooling. On display will be several up and coming PC Power solutions for enthusiast-grade gaming and mission-critical systems. With OCZ and PC Power & Cooling joining forces, the result is a solid partnership aimed at delivering superior solutions to end-users worldwide.

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