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iStorage introduces super speed, PIN code access USB drive at CeBIT 2015

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The new iStorage datAshur SSD flash drive with capacities of up to 240GB and 256-bit hardware encryption showcased at leading technology congress in Germany

iStorage, a leading specialist in portable data storage and digital encryption, has officially launched a super speed, high-performance USB 3.0 drive with hardware encryption. The new datAshur SSD is showcased for the first time at CeBIT 2015 in Hannover, Germany and encompasses a robust, shock-proof design and XTS-AES 256-bit AES hardware encryption. The solid state drive was developed as iStorage recognised a demand for vast capacity and high-performance USB drives that allowed the secure and easy portability of confidential data and encrypts information at rapid 3.0 speeds.

John Michael, CEO of iStorage comments, “iStorage is delighted to continue to evolve its product range to effectively secure the mainstream. To meet ever-evolving market demands and in response to feedback from our customers who communicated the need for high capacity compact data storage devices, we came up with the datAshur SSD. CeBIT offers us the perfect opportunity to introduce professionals across a broad range of sectors to our new USB 3.0 SSD solution and gather initial impressions which are all very positive.”

The new datAshur SSD is platform independent and works across all operating systems including thin clients and embedded systems such as medical equipment. The device incorporates a rechargeable battery allowing the user to enter a 7-16 digit PIN onto the on-board keypad before connecting the drive to a USB port. Its rugged design includes an extruded aluminium sleeve that is dust and water resistant, protecting it from physical damage whilst keeping data ultra-secure.

Along with launching the brand new datAshur SSD, iStorage’s team are on hand at CeBIT 2015 to discuss why many professionals are still not taking adequate steps to protect data on the move and why the cloud is not a robust storage solution for sensitive corporate information. Delegates are able to learn methods that firms can take to protect themselves against the loss of intellectual property, banking information and confidential contact details and the consequences of data falling into the wrong hands.

Dirk Walter, Product Manager at Fröhlich + Walter GmbH states, “iStorage helps us to provide our customers with solutions that ensure security of the organization’s data regardless of the location of their mobile workforce. With the datAshur SSD announcement and the combination of both - performance and capacity- iStorage clearly demonstrates to our customer base their leadership in the development of PIN protected and hardware encrypted storage devices”

For further information on iStorage’s range of data storage solutions please visit or call us on +44 (0)20 8991 6260.

About iStorage

iStorage provides high performance and ultra secure portable data storage and security products to users who need to protect their data held on PCs, Macs and portable devices. The founders of iStorage are pioneers in their field and hold several patents, both granted and pending, on a range of related data storage and security products. With a strong belief in careful product selection and unrivalled customer service, iStorage continues to deliver market leading innovations in portable data storage and digital encryption technology. Further information can be found on or by contacting / +44 (0)20 8991 6260.