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Pioneer launches the first Multi-Layer Blu-ray writer for PCs in the UK

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10 December 2010: Pioneer today announces that its launching the world’s first Blu-ray Multi-Layer writer for PCs that reads/writes to the new BDXL Blu-ray format. The BDR-206MBK is compatible with BD-RXL media – triple layer 100GB and quadruple layer 128GB write-once discs. The writer provides a maximum write speed of 6X. And it integrates Pioneer technologies to reduce dust ingress and dampen operating noise to deliver reliable, high-quality recording and enhance the user experience.

“The availability of the BDXL format is a very exciting development in the progression of Blu-ray,” says Ken Usui, CSV IT Peripheral Sales manager from Pioneer Corporation.  The massive storage capabilities, in a removable format, provide consumers and professionals alike with a fast and convenient way to transport and archive their digital data including image, film and music libraries. We have also built a range of  technologies into the product that ensure high-quality recording. We are very confident that this product will encourage consumers  to use Blu-ray for their archiving needs.”

Key technologies

Key technologies engineered into the BDR-206MBK include:

Limit Equalizer technology: this innovation purifies unclear signals generated when reading data on BD discs and improves reading quality.

Disc vibration Resonance Stabilizer dedicated for precision writing in a high speed environment: high speed disc rotation causes disc warping due to disc resonant vibration. This results in unstable writing quality, especially in the outer areas the newly designed top chassis, air flow caused by the high speed rotation will press the disc.

Airtight design: the writer’s airtight sealed housing prevents dust ingress to stop impurities impacting read/write quality. It also significantly reduces operating noise to enhance applications such as   listening to music or watching movies

PowerRead: the PowerRead function ensures that discs in a bad condition (e.g with light scratches, and fingerprints and stains) can be play backed.

The BDR-206MBK will be sold to OEMs and direct to consumers from Pioneer distributors. The product will be available from January 2011.

About Pioneer
Pioneer Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of consumer and business use electronics products such as audio, video and car electronics. Its shares are traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.