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KWorld PlusTV Series Lead With Total Vista Compatibility For All Versions

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Press Release

Computex 2007, Taipei, Taiwan, 22 May – As Microsoft releases its new Windows Vista, KWorld does not rest easy until all its products are Vista Compatible. Within months, the entire KWorld Plus TV Series products are now examined and qualified by Microsoft to be Vista compatible including Windows Media Center (including Vista Starter / Home Basic / Home Premium / Business / Enterprise / Ultimate.)

The majority of the TV tuner cards on the market are software compressed TV cards and are not capable of supporting MCE. The traditional solution to this problem would be choosing hardware compressed TV cards, which are more expensive, and have incomplete functions. The KWorld PlusTV Series TV cards are built with a chipset which helps to identify it to MCE and apply its function.

Along with its fully qualified product line, KWorld will debut its newly upgraded software: Hyper Media Center Pro. Combined with KWorld's Plus TV Series, Hyper Media Center Pro users the gain the freedom to interchange between 2 on-going channels with many other handy features.

KWorld continuously develop quality yet economic commodity, which offer the consumers an alternative with power features.