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Tips on Taming Your Naughty PC from Crucial.com

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Back in May, we at Crucial.com commissioned a study on consumers' love/hate relationship with their computer, and discovered that we Brits have the 4-year itch when it came to discarding systems we once loved, to make way for a newer model! We at Crucial.com came to the rescue to highlight that sending an old PC away to computer heaven wasn't just an environmental issue, but a potentially costly one. With an average 8GB PC DDR3 upgrade now coming in at just a little under £35, it sure does beat a hefty price tag of £300-£400 (or more) to replace the entire system! Take a look here to re-fresh yourself on some of the interesting facts discovered in our study.

Crucial.com makes it easy for an old computer--and its faithful owner--to live "happy together" for many more years to come! Our study found that 51% of those surveyed would describe their computer as being "grumpy" or "temperamental." The frustration of an old PC failing to perform in the way it did in the early days is just one reason people start to look elsewhere for a new system. In fact, 19% of people's eye wandered as their current computer no longer satisfied them. And why? Well  26% surveyed chose slow speed as the top of their dislike list.

A RAM or SSD upgrade from Crucial.com can give consumers control over a failing PC which has started to throw hissy fits and tantrums while trying to cope with ever increasing demands from memory intensive applications. Seeing an old angry PC turn into a happy contented member of the electronic family in the home is what we do best. See our short, fun video, "Showing your computer who's boss", to see what we mean!

Another way Crucial.com helps consumers tame their naughty computers is by providing information. Almost half (48%) of those surveyed had no idea how much memory their computer had installed. Easy-to-use tools on Crucial.com - like the award-winning Crucial Memory Advisor and Crucial System Scanner - make it simple to find a 100%-guaranteed compatible memory upgrade. Today, Crucial.com offers over 250,000 memory upgrades for more than 50,000 systems, including desktops, notebooks, servers, printers, routers, and other electronic devices. In addition, Crucial's site offers helpful installation videos on how to easily upgrade a PC with memory and performance enhancing solid state storage.