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Advanced Validation Labs Has Successfully Validated Memory Modules Supporting SiS648FX Chipset

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Fountain Valley, CA (August 19, 2003) -Advanced Validation Labs® (AVL), a leading validation and testing services company and Silicon Integrated Systems Corporation® (SiS), a leading core logic chipset supplier, today unveiled the SiS648FX’s successful compatibility on AVL’s DDR400 module validation.

AVL’s certified validation services, aiming primarily at DRAM manufacturers and system integrators, verified the DDR400 PC3200 modules against the SiS648FX reference platform. The SiS-certified system validation program involves the testing of memory modules using a SiS reference platform. The validation test process includes the application of different voltage and thermal ranges to further stress memory modules under test. The DRAM modules by Kingston, Micron and Samsung and many others were used in the test.

As validated by AVL, the SiS648FX chipset fully brings forth the performance of DDR400 and meets the DDR specification standard set by JEDEC, which makes the 648FX the best choice in the market.

"AVL’s collaboration with SiS on the 648FX platform plays an integral role in the purchasing decision for customers looking for validated memory solutions," stated Larry Ho, director of technical labs at Advanced Validation Labs. "AVL has extensive engineering experience and quick-turn validation services so customers will be able to verify that their memory modules have been thoroughly tested with AVL’s comprehensive validation procedure," added Ho.

AVL/SiS Validation Program