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Vu Technologies launches the Vu Telepresence at CES 2010

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6th January, 2010: Vu Technologies has dared to take on global giants in the field of HD Video Conferencing and TelePresence. We have reinvented this technology from the perspective of making it truly omnipresent and a source of business advantage to all. With its official debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), 2010 at Las Vegas, the Vu TelePresence™ solution will not only bring people together, but also bridge the divide between various communication platforms.

After thorough research, we were able to optimize low level math libraries, resulting in the best experience in global connection which is unmatched. The Vu Telepresence™ enables users to effortlessly connect across many locations, which makes it feel like everyone is across the table, no matter how many the people, thereby achieving business objectives in a diverse team environment.

At our Vu New Product Development Center, we have researched Telepresence systems for the past 3 years with a cross-cultural team having specialists from Cisco, Microsoft, IIT and others. With over $15 Million spent in development, the Vu Telepresence is the first and only Telepresence system for the Real World.

The use of Vu Technologies’ products for video conferencing ensures the quality of experience and ease of use. The HD quality video conferencing ensures barrier free understanding and enables eye contact and body language, and is easy to administer and manage with low bandwidth requirements as opposed to video conferencing on a desktop which is of much poorer quality and is often a wasted investment. Even legacy video conferencing needs IT intervention for use and can be difficult to administer and use. Vu TelePresence™ helps people connect, share information, consult, create and converse, all using the power of the network for a complete in-person experience.

Five unique aspects of Vu TelePresence™ make it the leading technology company. Starting from the Vu TrueVideo that supports HD (720p) video where you could catch the expression in the person’s eye with clarity. Vu has perfected the parameters of picture clarity in real time and see the difference in image quality when compared to other telepresence products.  The Vu TrueBroadband offers no more jitters or frozen frames and it requires a realistic bandwidth 400-600 Kbps for HD quality video. It also has a codec that enables superior image capture and faithful reproduction with minimal bandwidth utilization even over noisy pipes.

Pricing of all Vu Technology products is realistic which makes sure it’s a mainstream product. Vu Technology EaseOfUse which translates to no IT tech support required to setup and maintain makes sure each product is easily utilizable by one and all. The intuitive user interface makes it super easy to use with a smart Web 2.0-like user interface. Vu Interoperability permits it to work across all other platforms and it supports all protocols and adheres to industry standards.

Telepresence technology has enormous potential to enhance work productivity besides achieving a better work-life balance with less travel. Yet, this technology which has the potential to make a change to the mass of people has only been limited to a niche. The biggest challenges stopping the growth of telepresence has been low bandwidth, high costs of purchase and long-term ownership, lack of interoperability, poor video quality and complication in product set-up. Overcoming these limitations is where the opportunity lies.

It is our belief at Vu Technologies that Telepresence should be available to every employee in a company and not just for senior managers. However, the initial cost of a Telepresence solution as well as the ongoing costs of bandwidth have been a huge deterrent to making this technology ubiquitous. Our focus has been on making Telepresence affordable both in the initial costs as well as ongoing operational costs by using advanced codec techniques and leveraging innovations on the hardware front.

With exceptional power to scale your resources globally, the Vu TelePresence™ breaks the barriers of connectivity.

Welcome to the world of Vu TelePresence™ - TelePresence for the real world.

We at Vu Technologies are keenly looking for partners to help augment our existing partner base of over 4000 partners in the US, Europe and India. We will look to this channel to help address coverage as well as handle customer support issues. Besides, our channel partners can also serve as local points of presence (POPs) across the US, through our innovative MeetingRooms@Vu initiative. So a customer can simply walk into any of our channel partner’s office and ask their counter party to likewise be present at any other channel partner location or use their own VU Telepresence system to have a rich, collaborative Telepresence session.

Vu Technologies is the world’s first distinctive display company. We believe that displays are the future for people to communicate, interact, entertain, educate and more. We make televisions that are intelligent, touch screens that are intuitive and even smaller displays that delight. In business since 2006, our team is spread through USA, India, Europe and Asia. At the core of Vu Technologies is our desire to innovate and have customers who benefit from our innovation. It’s a cycle of creation that keeps us relevant, unique and forward in a world of commoditization.

Our model has always been to work with channel partners and we are now looking to expand our partner base and invite like mined companies to partner with us to take this product to a larger audience.