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AOC launches 32:9 super-wide AGON gaming monitor: AG493UCX

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Display specialist and the world’s number one gaming monitor brand1 AOC launches the 49” (124 cm) AGON AG493UCX with a jaw-dropping 32:9 aspect ratio. Essentially combining two 27” QHD screens in one seamless panel, the AG493UCX with a 3-sides frameless design offers extraordinary immersion for ambitious gamers. Being a member of the AGON family, the AG493UCX carries the gaming specs that matter: 120 Hz refresh rate, 1 ms MPRT, DisplayHDR 400 and FreeSync Premium Pro. With a 5120x1440 pixels resolution, Picture by Picture mode, a KVM switch for multiple input sources and USB-C connectivity, this monitor is also a great productivity booster for content creators, YouTubers, and live streamers.

Double the fun
The name of AOC’s premium gaming series, „AGON”, stands for “clash” or “competition” in Ancient Greek. Indeed, the AG493UCX can simply crush the competition due to its sheer 49” size. The monitor’s seamless VA panel comes with a 1800R (1.8 m radius) curvature, covering the user’s peripheral vision from left to right. The 32:9 monitor employs a 5120 x 1440 pixel resolution and runs up to a 120 Hz refresh rate. 4 ms GtG and 1 ms MPRT response times make sure the image is as ghosting-free as possible, while AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro eliminates stutter and tear, and offers low latency even with HDR enabled.

Compared to a double monitor setup, where the bezels – regardless of how slim they are – sit directly in the centre of attention, the AG493UCX offers an uninterrupted screen space. But this monitor truly shines in its speciality – gaming. Whether users want to jump into their virtual cockpits and fly through the open skies, or hop into their virtual racing cars to improve their lap times, the super-wide aspect ratio creates a captivating immersion, particularly for the sim-gaming community.

To make better use of the wide screen space, users can also split the screen thanks to the Picture by Picture mode, showing two different 16:9 sources side-by-side. When using two PCs simultaneously, users can even take advantage of the KVM switch and use one keyboard/mouse set for both PCs – great for gamers who use an extra live-streaming PC. The AG493UCX also accepts USB-C display input (via DP Alternate mode) and can deliver 65W via USB-C Power Delivery to a connected laptop, for example. All these features make the giant gaming monitor an instant productivity machine.

The beauty of the image is not just in the eye of the beholder. The AG493UCX really packs a great panel inside – the VA panel produces a 3000:1 native contrast ratio, 550 nits maximum brightness, 121% sRGB, 90% AdobeRGB and 90% DCI-P3 gamut coverage, and offers 178/178° viewing angles. This gaming beast is also certified with VESA’s DisplayHDR 400, displaying high dynamic range content in a similar way to how our eyes perceive light.

The AG493UCX also offers various extras:

  • A 100 mm height, -3.5/13.5° tilt, -15.5/15.5° swivel adjustable, sturdy stand
  • 2x 5W speakers
  • 2 HDMI 2.0 and 2 DP 1.4 inputs
  • 3-port USB 3.1 hub with USB-C input (video and 65 W power delivery)
  • FPS frame counter and Dial Point (crosshair overlay)
  • 3 user customisable, in total 6 gaming modes for different genres
  • FlickerFree technology and Low Blue light modes
  • A new, sleekly designed OSD and software OSD (AOC G-Menu)

The AOC AGON AG493UCX will be available in Europe starting from December 2020 at an RRP of £899.