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Universal abit Making a Splash at CeBIT 2007

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March 20, 2007 – Motherboard maker Universal abit wows the crowds with some spectacular shows and a state of the art booth designed to thrill and tantalize the visitors. abit’s loud and proud attitude was warmly received by the crowd.

The ever popular shootouts, featuring Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel and the F-Players, were an instant hit. Players from the crowd were invited to challenge Fatal1ty himself and earn much sought after prizes from our host. A daily giveaway for a complete Fatal1ty Super-PC system was a huge drawing card and has attracted a lot of attention all throughout CeBIT.

The Team Dignitas “Fifa07” group was equally enthralling, showing tips & tricks to all the gamers. Visitors could challenge the Team Dignitas players in one-on-one soccer confrontations, and the many spectators were thrilled as Team Dignitas continued to show why they are Top Pro players.

The abit products on display rivaled anything abit has displayed before, with offerings across the board in all our sub-brands. The Fatal1ty range was of particular interest as it featured two new mainstream boards, both geared towards the more price/performance conscious gamers looking to build a start-up gaming PC. The MAX brand of abit motherboards featured the impressive IN9 32X-MAX, which was used in a spectacular OC event on stage. The MAX brand is geared to be fully featured and highly overclockable – motherboards for the true enthusiast.

The overclocking (OC) show, featuring George ”HIPRO 5” Theologou, considered to be the world’s best overclocker, was another spectacular success. Hipro’s unrivaled knowledge of extreme overclocking amazed young and old alike, and brought the concept of overclocking to many who had never experienced the magic of supercharged PCs before.

Alex Wu, President of Universal abit, was extremely optimistic about CEBIT and delivered the following message: “abit has had a major breakthrough in the past six months with lots of highly qualified staff joining our ranks and extending our connections and capabilities. We remain committed to our customers with quality products at the most reasonable prices. Our focus is aggressive commitment, and our clients value that and choose our brand over the competition. This year is the comeback year for abit and we will be noticed.”

With the continued focus on the high-end to mainstream motherboards, abit’s channel market share continues to expand. The dedicated team members are focused and determined to drive the abit name and brand forward into the future.