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New Scan gaming and home laptops


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New gaming laptops:

New, of this week are four new models, adding to both the top and bottom of the range.

For example, the new 15.6in LG151 with GeForce GT 740M graphics opens up a whole new price point for gaming laptops, coming in at just £589 inc VAT, nearly £300 cheaper than our previously cheapest gaming laptop. The LG151 also has more powerful sibling, the LG152 which has a more powerful GeForce GT 750M graphics, yet still costs a very reasonable £730 inc VAT.

Ever since we sold out of the super popular 11.6in LG5 laptop we've been searching for a suitable replacement. Enter stage left the LG135, a compact and lightweight gaming laptop with a 13.3in screen and powerful GeForce GTX 765M graphics. At £755 the LG135 it's not as cheap as the LG5 was, but it's a lot more portable (and affordable) than similarly specced 15.6in gaming laptops.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is the mighty LG1715, a 17.3in gaming laptop which has two GPUs. It's available in three flavours, with two GeForce GTX 765M GPUs, two GeForce GTX 780Ms or two AMD Radeon HD 8970Ms. With such powerful GPUs running together in SLI or CrossFireX the LG1715 is the ultimate desktop replacement.

We've also added the AMD Radeon HD 8970M as an option in the popular 15.6in LG1510 and 17.3in LG1710 laptops.

You can view the whole range of Scan 3XS gaming laptops on the 3XS website.

New home/office laptops:

Scan has been selling its 3XS gaming laptops for well over a year now, so we thought it high time to launch some more wallet-friendly laptops for the non-gamers out there.

The range kicks off with the LH155, a keenly-priced laptop which includes a Core i3 processor and 15.6in screen. Starting at just £499 inc VAT the LH155 can be configured with multiple drives and CPU options, but even in its default configuration it's a perfect entry-level laptop for students and general home/office use.

We've also developed two models with a 14in high-resolution screen. The LH145 has a Core i5 processor for improved performance and at just 2kg is half a kilo lighter than the LH155. Further up the range is the LH1410, a super thin design which also boasts a Core i7 CPU with integrated Intel HD 5200 Iris Pro graphics. This GPU is a lot more powerful than inside other CPUs, meaning the LH1410 could also be used as a workstation or for casual gaming. The LH145 starts at £581 inc VAT and the LH1410 at £850 inc VAT.

You can view the whole range of Scan 3XS home/office laptops on the 3XS website.