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MSI Wind Notebook

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MSI is drawing mass attention with the upcoming release of the MSI Wind Notebook. During the Intel Development Forum (IDF) in Shanghai, Intel presented the MSI Wind Notebook to visitors. The light and graceful MSI Wind Notebook will provide the simple operating conditions for everyone’s everyday use.

MSI Wind Notebook
In June 2008 MSI will release the MSI Wind Notebook that weighs approximately 1 kilogram, this makes it ideal for outdoor use. Living in the new age of the internet, users need to have an effective internet connection for professional and personal use. MSI offers the new Wind Notebook to meet the demands of modern people, by providing a lighter and more convenient notebook computer with a longer battery life. The MSI Wind notebook will be equipped with an option of either Linux or Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system to provide a familiar platform to its users. The MSI Wind Notebook will also be equipped with Bluetooth 2.0 and a 1.3 Mega Pixel webcam.

The MSI Wind Notebook will provide an 8.9” or 10” wide LCD display solution. The embedded LED power-saving backlight technology will provide better colour richness and brightness. The 1024 x 600 resolution delivers full display of Web Pages while browsing, this gives users more freedom when exploring the internet. The MSI Wind notebook uses the same ergonomic keyboard as MSI’s larger notebooks. The keyboard not only has great texture, it also has increased space between the keys, allowing for a comfortable typing experience.

Unlike other competitors that have compromised memory capacity, the MSI Wind Notebook is equipped with the 2.5 inch standard 80GB hard drive. This means that despite its size the MSI Wind Notebook can operate without the worry of insufficient storage capacity. The MSI Wind Notebook offers a smart and portable accessory for everyday life.