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FSP Announces Exciting New Products at CES 2020

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23 December 2019, Las Vegas, USA - At CES 2020, FSP is presenting few exciting new products this year, including the unique ‘T-WINGS’ (CMT710) PC chassis for gamers, and a comprehensive portfolio of power supplies that includes the Hydro PTM+, Hydro G PRO, Dagger PRO, Twins PRO and new industrial adapters.

T-WINGS 2-in-1 High-End PC chassis

In its first public showing ahead of the official launch, FSP is demonstrating its stylish and innovative ‘T-WINGS’ (CMT710) PC chassis that can house two high-end PC systems within it. The semi open chassis design will undoubtedly turn heads, and the stylish wing design is accented with your choice of gold or red. T-WINGS uniquely allows enthusiast builders to create systems that are visually stunning from every angle.

FSP will be demonstrating the T-WINGS custom water-cooled PC build by world-renowned PC modder, Lee Harrington, at the Caesar Palace Hotel. The new T-WINGS case will allow visitors to experience the benefits of having a dual system by simultaneous streaming and gaming without limits.

Hydro PTM+ 850W 80 Plus® Platinum liquid cooled PSU

The Hydro PTM+ 850W is designed for high-end, liquid-cooled PC systems. With up to 92% efficiency and 80 PLUS ® Platinum certification, the Hydro PTM+ 850W runs passively cooled until 425W and can deliver up to 1000W when the system demands it. The advanced, liquid cooling solution developed by Bitspower is fully integrated into the PSU and uses standard G1/4” / 12mm connectors for either hard or soft tubing.

Hydro G Pro Series Power Supplies

The Hydro G Pro Series 650W, 750W, 850W, and 100W are fully modular high-performance PC power supplies designed for high-end PC systems. The Hydro G Pro offers an innovative heat dissipation design that transforms the whole PSU chassis into a heatsink to keep the unit cool, while outside the conformal coating protects the power supply and its internal components from dust, humidity, stains and harsh environments. The Hydro G Pro series features an intelligent fan speed circuit control that can operate semi-fanless for ultra-low noise operation.

DAGGER PRO SFX Semi-Fanless Power Supplies

FSP DAGGER PRO SFX power supplies 550W and 650W are perfect for small form-factor PC builds. The 80 Plus™ Gold rating delivers high efficiency and ultra-low noise levels thanks to a semi-fanless design and a high quality 92mm fan. DAGGER PRO PSUs features a fully DC-DC design with a powerful single +12V rail design and FSP’s patented MIA IC™ that guarantees stable power delivery with comprehensive safety features.

Twins PRO Series Hot-Swappable Redundant PSU For Retail IPC

The FSP Twins PRO series 500W, 700W, and 900W houses two independent power modules, that act as redundant power supplies to ensure 24/7 operation retail IPC. In normal working conditions, the two modules balance the energy load to maximize efficiency and stability. With Twins PRO redundant PSU, if one module fails the other automatically takes over. Hot swap capabilities ensure that modules can be replaced while the system is running, eliminating any downtime.

For more product information, please visit:

FSP Group’s official website at: www.fsp-group.com
FSP Group Brand Product website at: www.FSPLifestyle.com
FSP Blog: blog.fsp-group.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/FSP.global
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/1842554 

About FSP

FSP was founded in 1993, is one of the leading manufacturers of power supply products in the world. FSP Group (3015: Taiwan) offers an innovative and supportive R&D team, which meets user demands in power supplies with its robust production capacity, and comprehensive production lines. With more than 500 models certified with 80 PLUS standards, it is the world’s number one manufacturer with the most 80 PLUS certifications. FSP employs eco-friendly technologies by providing environment friendly quality power supply products. Please visit FSP Group’s website for more info: www.fsp-group.com