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Leadtek's Winning Ways At Computex Taipei 2007

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Computex 2007

Press Release

Taipei, Taiwan, June 5th, 2007 - LEADTEK Research Inc., internationally acclaimed total multimedia solution provider, is set to unveil its latest product lineup when Asia's premier electronics show, Computex Taipei 2007 throws open its doors in the World Trade Center, Taipei from June 5 to 9.

At the company booth in "Hall 1 A726" a dazzling range of groundbreaking new products from the company's flagship Computer Multimedia Business Unit, along with dedicated masterworks of hi-tech from the Wireless Communication and Audio/Video Communication Business Units, awaits the visitor.

And under the banner of the Leadtek theme this year - the "Future is Today" – there's a lineup of the Leadtek technology and products that are changing and enhancing the quality of peoples lives.

These include:

WinFast PX8800 ULTRA/ Water Cooling: With 768MB GDDR3 memory and industry leading Microsoft® DirectX® 10 support, WinFast PX8800 ULTRA delivers awesome horse-power for extreme HD gaming. And matched with NVIDIA® PureVideo™ HD technology, it also offers the advanced HD DVD and Blu-ray™ movie experience on PCs. Another exclusive version of WinFast PX8800 ULTRA with a water cooling design lives up to its name "Leviathan" by putting in a performance like no other in its class – a performance that is higher, faster, and in a word, superior.

WinFast PX8600/ 8500 Series Graphics Cards: As a new mid range series among high-level graphics cards including WinFast PX8600 GTS, PX8600 GT and PX8500 GT, they are comparable in performance to the high end WinFast® PX8800 series in delivering incredibly true-to-life gaming experience for gaming enthusiasts but at a lower price than the WinFast® PX 7 series.

WinFast TV Infinity: Wireless Streaming Broadcast Multimedia Device: TV Infinity enables streaming video content in MPEG-2 with DVD quality and gives the user highest display quality through local WiFi high bandwidth over 802.11g. But with TV Infinity there's more than just watching TV wirelessly on PC. There's Tivo, the Cable TV set top box, Satellite, DVD player Camcorder or any device with video output. Even more, the user can easily control and view video content over the internet or in any area covered by WiFi LAN.

Leadtek LR 9553D Bluetooth GPS Data Logger Receiver: Based on cutting edge SiRFStar III LP (Low Power) technology, it is a high performance, low power, 20-channel GPS data logger and receiver with wireless capability. As such it is a highly compatible Bluetooth solution with extraordinary configurability and sensitivity. It provides users enough space to store their tracking data including the altitude, GPS position, date and time- up to 240 hours in the continuous mode. LR9553D also comes equipped with mini USB interface both for easy charging and for users to export their recorded points to Google earth and Google Maps without a hitch.

Leadtek LR 8M03 LBS Tracker: A small and powerful GPS/GSM/GPRS tracking device developed for personal remote positioning and emergency reporting. LR8M03 is suitable for many applications, for vehicle security or monitoring the position of an injured person or whereabouts of a pet. It does this by not only transmitting coordinates of longitude and latitude to your cell phone by SMS, but also by transmitting these coordinates to your PC through a GPRS Internet connection and then displaying the location with dedicated map software.

Leadtek XTP 8885 Videophone: The H.264 IP broadband videophone provides seamless SIP connectivity among 3G mobiles, IP Surveillance devices, remote tele-medicare devices and supports deaf application (ex: text chat), multi-video conference devices, IP PBX and so on. All in all, moving people closer and enriching a life of multimedia and motion.

Leadtek NCP3680- Compact and Versatile Camera Phone: The Network CarePhone NCP3680 is an ergonomic, compact and simple-use network-based home security and home watch camera equipped with MPEG-4/H.263 duo video and G.711/G.729 duo audio compression technologies. It is easy to use with web-based user interface and intuitive PC software (NETCAM). While emergency situations or communicative requirements happen. And it also can be a Door Security system to take replace with the door bell and play as a visitor video answering machine; on the other hand, it can also set as the home care camera for the families and patience. Flexible and quick installation, friendly outlook and easy-to-configure, all these features can generate the safe and digital life in your lovely home.

For further information about Leadtek or our products, please visit our website at http://www.leadtek.com.

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