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Sapphire stays embedded with ATI

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Dave Orton, CEO of ATI, just confirmed Sapphire’s Number 1 position with ATI at Sapphire’s Worldwide Sales and Marketing meeting.

"Thank you for all of your support of ATI in 2005. Sapphire is ATI's largest and best performing partner World Wide,” he said. “We have the highest confidence in Sapphire."

KD Au, Sapphire CEO went on to say that "Sapphire’s strength and best asset is its people."

“Sapphire is committed to ATI's roadmap in VGA and will continue to build on our successful VGA product line,” stated Adrian Thompson, Sapphire VP of Marketing, “and we have complete confidence in ATI's Integrated solutions.”

“We will continue to work closely with ATI in achieving a dominate presence in the Motherboard business in 2006 while exploring new multimedia opportunities in the marketplace,” he concluded.