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CeBIT 2010: MSI Sets New VGA Standards

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CeBIT 2010, a major tradeshow for the global computer industry, will be held in Hannover, Germany, from March 2nd through March 6th. Internationally renowned graphics card and mainboard manufacturer MSI will display a variety of new technologies and products at the show. In MSI’s graphics card product line, the all-new R5870 Lightning and mainstream Hawk series will follow up on the spectacular showing of the Lightning series at last year’s CeBIT and are sure to attract a lot of attention from power users. In addition, the well-received Afterburner overclocking utility released last year will be on display with added voltage regulator and stability testing functions. Also, in thermal design, the highly praised Twin Frozr II dual fan cooling solution, once again showcases the benefits of MSI graphics cards. 

Lightning & Hawk: Raising the VGA Performance Bar
Since it’s unveiling at last year's CeBIT, the MSI Lightning series has caught the eye of many enthusiasts. Following its official release, both media and consumers have given the series a lot of praise, and now the product has been extended to the AMD platform. MSI’s exclusive materials and improved design, such as a 15-phase power supply design and a special LPL power supply layer, make the R5870 Lightning the most powerful single GPU graphics card on the market, redefining high-end graphics card performance.

For the mainstream market, MSI has released the Hawk product series that utilizes many of exclusive technologies of the Lightning series, yet is priced in accordance with mainstream product standards. With an optimum balance between performance and price, this product series features a power-user design which focuses on price-performance ratio.

MSI’s All-in-One PCs use the latest Intel® CoreTM processor technology, ensuring an outstanding level of performance
Besides its ultra-cool 3D All-in-One models, MSI will also been showcasing the new high-performance Wind Top AE2420 and AE2280 All-in-One PCs, 22- and 24-inch models that are equipped with the latest Intel® Core (Core i3/i5/i7) processors (released in 2010), as well as Intel’s Turbo Boost technology, which automatically adjusts the processor frequency, ensuring maximum performance for each type of application while also saving energy. With a multi-touch display and high-performance CPU, MSI’s Wind Top All-in-One PCs combine smooth, streamlined looks with raw power; these new models are set to make traditional desktop PCs a thing of the past.

Enhanced Afterburner Overclocking Utility
In addition to strengthening product components, MSI Afterburner Overclocking Utility has been updated. Added to the original voltage adjustment, GPU & memory clock adjustment, the new Kombustor burn-in tool provides the powerful functionality required by hardcore gamers to stress their GPU to the limit. With this software, users have the ability to comprehensively fine-tune graphics card performance and test stability. Afterburner is arguably the most powerful overclocking software currently available.

Twin Frozr II: Perfect Balance between Silence and Heat Dissipation
The Twin Frozr II's widely acclaimed thermal module will be on display at this year's CeBIT. In addition to a dual fan configuration, SuperPipe with 4 internal heat-pipes allows for improved cooling performance compared to common consumer-grade heat-sinks and is capable of lowering temperatures by nearly 20%. With PWM fan speed control, noise can also be reduced to a correspondingly optimum level, making this powerful thermal module quiet and effective.

Come visit MSI at CeBIT 2010
To experience the special characteristics and exclusive technologies of MSI mainboards, please visit MSI at CeBIT in Hall 17|C38, and our specialists will provide more in-depth product presentations.

For further information and online exhibition of MSI CeBIT 2010, please visit:

For more information about price and availability, please contact a local official MSI distributor.