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Gainward CoolFXTM Liquid Cooling Solution

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Gainward Co., Ltd, the leading manufacturer of high performance 3D graphics and home entertainment accelerators, announces that it will offer a liquid cooling solution for its next generation Gainward FX PowerPack! 3D graphics processor products based on NVIDIA’s GeForce FX technology.

The Gainward CoolFXTM will include highly heat conductive pure metal alloy cooling blocks for the GPU as well as for the high performance memory modules.

“Just stirring non conductive hot air around inside the computer with a variety of different fans is not a very efficient cooling solution”, commented Hans-Wolfram Tismer, Gainward’s Managing Director Europe. “We strongly believe that Gainward’s advanced implementation of liquid cooling will pave the way to the next level of 3D graphics performance.”

The Gainward CoolFXTM will keep the GPU and the high performance memory modules of a 3D graphics processor board near to ambient temperature levels in order to run stable at up to 25 % faster clock rates resulting in up to 25 % better 3D performance. At CeBIT2003 Gainward demonstrated a Gainward FX PowerPack! Model Ultra/1000 Plus “Golden Sample” running stable in excess of 580 MHz core clock speed.

So far Gainward’s EXPERTool™ performance tuning utility offered “enhanced clock settings” guaranteed by Gainward to run “Golden Sample” products significantly faster compared to competitive products merely based on reference design. By utilizing liquid cooling Gainward will once again push performance to levels beyond your imagination.

The Gainward Cool™ FX will be available in May 2003 for less then € 200 including VAT to run on Gainward’s next generation Gainward FX PowerPack! products.