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Next Generation GeForce FX 5800 Ultra Technology Powered by Gainward

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Gainward FX PowerPack!Model Ultra/1000 Plus “Golden Sample”TM

Gainward’s next generation 3D graphics processor board for the gaming enthusiast featuring NVIDIA’s fastest GeForce FX 5800 Ultra, 128MB of high performance DDR2 memory, and an efficient low noise cooling device

Taipei - Hong Kong - Fremont - Munich – London – Malmö - Moscow – Feb. 1st, 2002.
Gainward Co., Ltd, the leading manufacturer of high performance 3D graphics and home entertainment accelerators, announces that it will introduce the world’s most powerful series of 128MB 3D graphics processor boards based on NVIDIA’s GeForce FX 5800 technology. The most powerful graphics board of the series; the Gainward FX PowerPack! Model Ultra/1000 Plus “Golden Sample”TM features NVIDIA’s fastest GeForce FX 5800 Ultra and is priced at €649 incl. VAT (approx £449 UK SRP). The Gainward FX PowerPack! Model Ultra/800 Plus “Golden Sample”TM is based on the NVIDIA GeForce FX 5800 priced at €549 incl. VAT (approx £389 UK SRP).
The Gainward FX PowerPack! Model Ultra/1000 Plus “Golden Sample”TM takes the graphics environment to a completely new level. Running at 500 Plus MHz core clock speed and 1 GHz Plus DDR2 memory speed, the Gainward FX PowerPack! Model Ultra/1000 Plus “Golden Sample”TM is powered by pure adrenaline, delivering un-precedented 3D graphics performance to the PC platform. To further improve the versatility and gaming experience the Gainward FX PowerPack! Model Ultra/1000 Plus “Golden Sample”TM is bundled with a digital video-in IEEE 1394 FireWire daughter card, a high quality 5.1 sound card with both stereo output and optical SP/DIF output connectors, plus a variety of hot 3D games. All of Gainward’s FX PowerPack! products feature a radical new design of cooling system delivering maxi-mum performance and incredibly low noise levels. Owing to Gainward’s advanced R&D skills the maximum noise is reduced to only 7db, the same as a human heartbeat. Com-petetive products maximum noise levels can be rated as high as 70db the same level as a domestic vacuum cleaner.

The revolutionary new NVIDIA CineFX™ engine introduces cinematic-quality spe-cial effects and studio-quality color to the PC. Redefine the limits of both, graphics performance, and visual quality with the Gainward FX PowerPack! Model Ul-tra/1000 Plus “Golden Sample”TM. – with 8 pipeline performance in combination with high speed DDR2 memory – applications and games will run at higher resolu-tions and at unprecedented performance levels. The amazing GeForce FX GPU also features NVIDIA’s Intellisample™ technology, Z-culling, anisotropic filtering and powerful antialiasing for all resolutions. These advances in compression and an-tialiasing techniques ensure realistic color and smooth edges at all resolutions while maintaining high levels of performance.

Gamers will see the most fluid frame rates possible at unmatched speeds for a truly realistic visual experience. Powered by the CineFX engine, the Gainward FX PowerPack! Model Ultra/1000 Plus “Golden Sample”TM shifts PC special effects to-ward cinematic quality thanks to a new level of advanced shading techniques. In ad-dition, the innovative graphics pipeline of the NVIDIA CineFX engine has the built-in capacity to deliver true studio-quality 128-bit color processing, or 32-bit components for red, green, blue, and alpha values. By matching film-industry levels of precision processing, the NVIDIA GeForce FX GPU enables 3D worlds and characters to come alive – making Hollywood dreams on the desktop a reality.

The Gainward FX PowerPack! Model Ultra/1000 Plus “Golden Sample”TM also supports two monitors simultaneously (formerly known as DualHead or TwinView technology) with two independent 400 MHZ RAMDACs for office applications, 3D gaming and professional applications such as CAD, DTP, animation, or video editing. The maximum supported resolution for both displays is 2048 x 1536 @ 85Hz. De-pending on the resolution the maximum refresh rate is up to 240 Hz. The integrated NTSC/PAL TV encoder support resolutions up to 1024x768 without the need for panning with built-in Macrovision copy protection. The Video Mixing Renderer (VMR) supports multiple video windows with full quality and features in each win-dow.
nView Display Technology allows end-users to select any combination of multiple displays, including a digital flat panel, two analog CRTs, and a TV, and to modify the display properties independently, using an intuitive software interface. In addition to a VGA connector, a DVI connector with a DVI/VGA converter is also provided.
NVIDIA nView™ software offers a comprehensive solution for multi-monitor sup-port, increasing screen real estate for more efficient viewing and switching between multiple active windows. NVIDIA Digital Vibrance Control™ (DVC) technology provides increased levels of adjustment for conveniently achieving richer colors and brighter, cleaner, and consistent images and text under any lighting conditions. The NVIDIA GeForce FX GPU also introduces the NVIDIA Video Mixing Renderer (VMR) software solution, for accelerating multiple video streams by moving video into the 3D graphics engine.

EXPERToolTM Performance Tuning Utility
EXPERToolTM is Gainward’s performance tuning utility that allows the user to easily adjust the engine clock and the memory clock of any Gainward product from NVIDIA’s recommended default settings to even faster settings. Due to Gainward’s proprietary, rock solid, multi-layer High-Performance/Wide-BandwidthTM hardware design, Gainward offers the end user the choice to run Gainward’s “Golden Sample” products at ”Enhanced Performance Settings” (both, faster engine clock AND faster memory clock) which guarantee significantly improved “3D real-world performance” for even higher resolutions at 32 bit color depth.

Gainward FX PowerPack! Series
Model Ultra/1000 Plus
“Golden Sample” Model Ultra/800 Plus
“Golden Sample”
GPU GeForce FX 5800 Ultra
500 MHz Plus GeForce FX 5800
400 MHz Plus
Low Noise Cooling Yes, max 7db Yes, max 7db
Memory 128MB DDR2
1GHz Plus 128MB DDR2
800 MHz Plus
Bundle FireWire Card
5.1 Sound Card
Hot 3D Games Hot 3D Games
Recommended Price € 649/ £449 € 499/ £389

Robust and Complete Software Support
Gainward products support all major OS and software standards with robust, perform-ance enhanced, accelerated software drivers including Microsoft Windows 2000/ ME/NT/XP, Linux, MAC OS 9/X , Open GL 1.4, and DirectX 9 to deliver the best performance while assuring the best possible compatibility with current and future applications and games. Gainward’s products are also backed by a free driver update support through the internet, telephone/fax/e-mail technical support and a 36 months limited warranty. (,