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SAPPHIRE steps up with new Vapor-X Series

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SAPPHIRE Technology is now introducing its new Vapor-X Series of graphics cards to market with new versions of the HD 4870 and HD 4850.  Built on SAPPHIRE original design PCBs these new models will bring the benefits of Vapor-X cooling - quieter and more efficient cooling - to a wider range of users. A new distinctive cooler design makes the Vapor-X Series stand out in looks as well as performance.

The SAPPHIRE HD 4870 Vapor-X Edition offers for the first time a choice of 2GB or 1GB of DDR5 memory and runs with clock speeds of 750 MHz core and 900 MHz memory. The SAPPHIRE HD 4850 Vapor-X Edition has 512MB of GDDR3 and clocks of 625 MHZ core and 993 MHz memory.

Both models feature high specification solid capacitors and SAPPHIRE ‘Diamond Black’ heatsink chokes for higher efficiency and more reliable operation. The high-polymer aluminium capacitors used possess characteristics superior to regular aluminium capacitors for longer product life. The choke is an important component of the power regulation on a graphics card. The SAPPHIRE Diamond Black (patent pending) choke with integral heatsink runs 10% cooler and with 25% more power efficiency than the normal choke.

SAPPHIRE graphics cards in the HD 4800 series incorporate the latest ATI Avivo™ HD Technology for enhanced Video display. They feature a new second generation built in hardware UVD (Unified Video decoder) considerably reducing CPU load and delivering smooth decoding of Blu-ray™ and HD DVD content for both VC-1 and H.264 codecs, as well as Mpeg files. An HDMI connector is provided on the rear bracket, as well as DVI and VGA giving the maximum versatility in connecting to monitor or flat panel displays. Two simultaneous displays are supported.

About Vapor-X
SAPPHIRE was the first company to introduce Vapor Chamber Technology to its cooling solutions for graphics. The Vapor-X cooler was first seen on the SAPPHIRE HD 3870 ATOMIC and TOXIC Editions and is now in production on the HD 4870 512MB and 1GB TOXIC Editions.

Vapor-X is a Vapor Chamber Technology based on the same principles as heatpipe technology.  A liquid coolant is vaporised at a hot surface, the resulting vapor is condensed at a cold surface then the liquid is returned to the hot surface. The recirculation process takes place inside an evacuated chamber and is controlled by a complex wick system. In SAPPHIRE Vapor-X systems, the whole chamber is very slim and is mounted in contact with the surface of the graphics chip.

The current TOXIC series of high performance overclocked products incorporate a hybrid cooling system combining Vapor-X at the core to remove heat efficiently from the graphics processor together with heatpipes and finned heatsinks. These are cooled by a fan to carry away the heat from the vapor chamber, memories and other components and give more headroom for higher levels of performance.

SAPPHIRE Vapor-X and hybrid cooling systems are very efficient, so they can use low air flow rates – and therefore low speed, low noise fans. Low noise is generally sought after in modern PC systems, so SAPPHIRE is now introducing a new family of graphics products using Vapor-X technology.  Based on its high end graphics processors the new family is aimed at the discerning user who wants the low noise and high reliability, but does not want to pay the premium for the specialist faster memory and other premium components that deliver the overclocking capability of the TOXIC series.

All SAPPHIRE HD 4000 series graphics cards are Microsoft Windows Vista™ Premium certified and supported by the ATI Catalyst® suite of software, ensuring customers have ongoing access to software updates for performance, stability and added features. Like the previous generation, these cards support DirectX10.1 for enhanced rendering performance and lighting effects.