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Thrustmaster & Hercules continued retail success!

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- Guillemot is delighted to announce its continued success in retail
based on ChartTrack figures for the month of November

Hercules brand of graphic accelerator cards still remains at the
number one spot
maintaining its lead and further increasing market
share over last month.

share has further increased and
now stands at 49.0 %
vs 45.4% in October
(total MM Upgrades by company, units)
and 47.2% vs 39.8%
in October (total MM Upgrades by
company, value)

Holding onto
NUMBER ONE spot, the Hercules
3D Prophet 4000XT 32MB PCI card has held
this position second month running. Hercules has a dominant
presence in the top 10 graphic cards, with six out of the ten spots. The
3D Prophet 4000XT 64MB TV AGP holds number three, with the 3D Prophet MX PCI
32MB & 3D Prophet 4500 64 TV at number 5 & 6 respectively.

month has been another success for the Thrustmaster brand, holding number
positions, and gaining market share in new areas. In
the ever growing wheels category, Thrustmaster holds onto the number one
position for PC Wheels, with 39% market share by units, and 38.7% in value.
In the total steering wheel category, Thrustmaster have a strong second
position with 21.4% market share in units.

have made a huge impact this month in the PSone category, storming the charts
at number one for the first time
in this area!
The popular XL Screenmate has achieved
number one status with 48.6% (Total PS1 screen by company units), and 48.2%
market share in value. The Energymate, battery pack, has also come
in at number one, with market share figures of 43.6% for both value &
units (Total PS1 battery packs by company).

Flanagan, Managing Director for Guillemot UK comments,
am delighted to see both the Thrustmaster & Hercules brands remaining so
strong in the market, occupying
number one positions. The Thrustmaster brand has become well
established in the market place, especially over the past year with the
launch of new innovative technologies, allowing consumers to have a
Thrustmaster product in every format. The upcoming launch of new
consoles is an extremely
exciting time, and because of
our commitment to these new formats
more products will be on offer that
will satisfy
all gamers needs, moving Thrustmaster into a
household name."

quarter has been a fantastic success for the Thrustmaster brand, and along
with holding onto number one positions in these categories, the demand for the
Ferrari branded wheels has been phenomenal. Thrustmaster expect
to ship over 120,000 wheels by the end of this Christmas quarter.
These wheels have had huge success in the market, with fantastic product reviews
& awards and a strong brand contributing to this success.


legendary accessory products that range from flight simulation to motor
sports, ThrustMaster is synonymous the world over with superior quality,
performance and service. ThrustMaster continues to lead the development of
high performance gaming tools through a commitment to innovation and product
excellence. ThrustMaster

is also proud to provide officially licensed Ferrari, NASCAR, Top Gun and USAF
products as part of its accessories line.
ThrustMaster is a division of Guillemot Corporation, a pre-eminent worldwide
player in both the interactive leisure hardware and accessories markets.

Guillemot Corporation is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange, Sicovam code
6672, and is currently present in 12 countries, distributing its products in a
total of 45 countries. For further information, please visit our web site at


in 1982 in the U.S., Hercules developed the industry's first high-resolution
graphics board for personal computers. From its roots in establishing the
monochrome graphics standard, Hercules proceeded to pioneer advances in color
graphics solutions. In November 1999, Hercules was purchased by Guillemot
Corporation and the entire video and multimedia ranges are now under the
Hercules brand. Guillemot Corporation develops, manufactures and distributes
PC and console peripherals, providing high-quality products for gamers and
music enthusiasts worldwide under the Guillemot, Hercules and ThrustMaster
brands. The group is also proud to include officially licensed Ferrari, NASCAR,
Top Gun and US Air Force products as part of its accessories line. Guillemot
Corporation is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange, Sicovam code 6672, and is
currently present in 13 countries, distributing its products in a total of 45

supplied by Chart Track, November,2001

Ltd is the UK’s leading Multimedia, Hardware and Peripherals retail tracking
research company, specialising in the electronic data capture of sales
information on a daily basis from EPoS systems in over 5000 retailers in the
UK and Ireland.

further information please call Dorian Bloch at Chart-Track on 0208 741 7585.