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Hercules Stays At The Top

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Hercules Stays At The Top

May 2001

CROYDON, 5th June 2001 - Hercules, the audio and
graphics brand, has continued to hold the number one position in the retail
graphic accelerator market charts with 34.4% in value and 32.2% in units. (total
mm/pc upgrades by company, accelerator cards) according to the May 2001 data
from Chart-track.

Surprisingly in second place is 3DFX with 28.7% units
and 22.9% value, up from 6.6% value and 9.6% units in April. This rise to second
place is purely due to retailer price promotion on old stocks in order to
cleanse the channel, to ensure old technology products move off the shelves.

Elsa sit in third place with 15.6% units and in forth
place with 13.4% value. Ati on the other hand sit at forth place in units with
14% and third place with 20.5% in value.

The new 3D Prophet 4500 and 3D Prophet 4000XT cards
entered the channel in the last week of May. Sell through is already strong and
specialised in store promotions have been implemented to explain the benefits
and technology of Kyro and Kyro II.

Reviews are being published thick and fast and to date
the 3D Prophet 4500 has achieved over 9 UK magazine awards for price and

The introduction and shipment of the 3D Prophet
III is already underway and stocks also hit the channel in the last week of May.
The retail price has also been reduced to £379.99 inc VAT, this includes DVI out
with the card.