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Gainward Rocks & Shocks the mainstream gaming world with the new ATI HD4870/HD4850 graphics cards

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June, 2008 — Gainward, the world’s highest quality graphics company, first time officially announced Latest products of ATI chipsets – Gainward HD4870 and Gainward HD4850 graphics cards to the market. From performance point of view, the new ATI® RADEON® HD4870 (RV770 XT) graphics chip is designed with 512MB high speed DDR5 memory and a 256bit memory bandwidth, supports PCI-express 2.0 interface with 750 MHz core clock, 3600MHz memory clock and 800 units of stream processors. Gainward HD4870 can completely run with the high resolution DX10.1 games in perfect smoothness and deliver the highest quality gaming experience, upscale the resolution to a 1920*1200 Full HD level and rest assured to still get smooth gaming experience on most of games.

For the mainstream segment, Gainward the ATI® RADEON® HD4850 (RV770 PRO) graphics chip and 512MB DDR3 memory with 256bit memory bandwidth and supports PCI-express 2.0 with 625 MHz core clock, 1986MHz memory clock and 800 units of stream processors. Gainward HD4850 512MB  comes with better performances and memory sizes that can completely run the high resolution DX10.1 games smoothly and can deliver the most reliable & incredible gaming experience, presides it only takes 1 slot width with a smaller size to fit in your mid size or cube size system as well.

Best Mainstream Graphics Card with high resolution gaming.
For mainstream gaming the previous generation mainstream products can run most games smoothly with 1440*900 resolutions, but clinching a Gainward HD4850 graphics cards will give you access to play most of the games on 1680*1050 resolutions or higher, it can also open Anti-Aliasing to make images become smoother but still maintain the performance close to original setting.

Both Gainward HD4870 and HD4850 supports dual link DVI output resolution reachable up to 2560*1600 and 1920*1080. Furthermore, the mainstream Dual-Link DVI-I and CRT (via the DVI-to-D-Sub dongle) are supported by HD4870/HD4850 as well. Gainward HD4870/HD4850 is a HDCP compliant and supports ATI© AVIVO HD™ and H.264 decoding to enjoy the ultimate Blu-ray and HD-DVD movie experience. Presides a thundering gaming experience, it also supports a HD video quality to compete all last generation products.

EXCLUSIVE Smart Control Utility - EXPERTool™
Gainward’s unique EXPERTool is a smart and easy control software which allows users to monitor GPU’s temperature and fan speed. The fan speed and GPU/Shader/memory clocks are also adjustable in the EXPERTool. The native alert tool is the best doorkeeper when the GPU’s temperature is over the warning value and inform user to clock down the settings or turn off the computer to prevent from damaging the card. You don’t have to waste time to find any software for your graphics card any more.