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Intel sales chief readies industry with new products, technologies ahead of widely anticipated processor introductions

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Intel sales chief readies industry with new products, technologies ahead of widely anticipated processor introductions

TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 6, 2006 – During a speech at Computex today, Intel Corporation executive Anand Chandrasekher introduced products and technologies that will surround the company’s upcoming family of powerful and more energy-efficient Intel® Core 2 Duo processors, telling attendees that all of this innovation will redefine how PCs are used today and attract more buyers around the world.

At the Computex opening keynote, Asia’s largest computer expo, Chandrasekher, Intel senior vice president and general manager, Sales and Marketing Group, unveiled the new Intel® 965 Express Chipset along with other technologies for homes and businesses. Chandrasekher said the new products outlined today collectively advance PC and notebooks powered by the upcoming processors in a number of ways, ranging from higher performing PCs with sharper high-definition video to notebook PCs in ultra sleek designs that sip energy.

He also outlined new PC technology for enjoying entertainment and making phone calls via the Internet. “There is a tremendous amount of excitement and anticipation for our forthcoming server, desktop and notebook processors based on the Core microarchitecture,” Chandrasekher said. “The message to the industry is simple: We are bringing a massive amount of new products and technologies to the market starting today that will change the game in terms of what technology can do for you.” Today’s news comes in advance of Intel’s plans to begin shipping server, desktop and laptop processors based on the company’s new Core™ microarchitecture in June, July and August, respectively.

New Chipset to Advance Consumer, Business Experience

Chandrasekher officially introduced the Intel® P965 Express Chipset, formerly code-named “Broadwater,” and said future versions, including one with graphics built in, will ship over the next two months. Combined, the Intel Core 2 Duo processor and Intel P965 Express Chipset will enable breakthrough PC performance, greater power efficiency, quieter systems and theatre-like sound quality, among other benefits.

To significantly increase PC performance, the chipset incorporates Intel® Fast Memory Access, an updated Memory Controller Hub backbone architecture that optimizes the system’s memory bandwidth. It also supports DDR2 or double-data rate computer memory with data transfer speeds up to 800 MHz, enabling speedy access to files and a highly responsive PC. Chandrasekher also discussed a future integrated graphics chipset, called the G965 Express Chipset.

This product will include a new feature called Intel® Clear Video Technology, which enhances high-definition video playback including those from personal video recorders and digital camcorders for sharper image viewing quality.

All of the 965 Express chipsets enable users to add a second external drive to a PC for extra data protection, Intel® High Definition Audio for theater-like sound quality and Intel® Quiet System Technology to reduce system noise and heat for a much quieter, yet higher-performing PC. These chipsets will form the basis of systems supporting the Intel® Viiv™ Technology and Intel vPRO™ Technology platforms that will be increasingly powered by Intel Core 2 Duo processors.

Chandrasekher also disclosed that Intel will introduce the Intel® Core™ 2 Extreme processor at speeds of 2.93 Megahertz in July, and a faster 3.2 megahertz version later in the year.

From Entertainment to Internet Phone Calls

Chandrasekher also said that Intel will continue to enhance the Intel Viiv technology platform with new features and the forthcoming Intel Core 2 Duo processors. He also announced that Intel recently released an Intel Viiv technology software update that helps the PC better manage and share digital media and Internet-based services with a variety of connected consumer electronic devices throughout the home.

The new features will appear in PCs in various countries as manufacturers update their systems in the coming months. Based on industry specifications, Intel Viiv technology is designed for in-home digital entertainment and works with the hundreds of thousands of consumer electronics and connected devices in the home.

Beyond this, Intel offers design, validation and testing programs for device manufacturers around the world to do the extra work to verify that their devices work with Intel Viiv technology-based PCs. Chandrasekher said that devices that pass the verification program will begin to be available later this year and will carry an “Enjoy with Intel Viiv technology” logo to make them easy for people to find.

For small to medium businesses, Intel today also introduced the Intel® 600SM PCI Phone Adapter that allows businesses to make VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls easily and seamlessly from desktop PCs using existing telephones. The new PCI phone adapter is a great application for dual-core technology found in the Intel Core 2 Duo processor, which is uniquely suited to handle the performance demands of VoIP applications by improving system responsiveness during VoIP calls and preserves good call quality.

Breakthrough in Laptop Energy Efficiency

Intel has extended the energy-saving feature of its mobile architecture for Intel® Centrino® based laptops by providing a sneak peek of a new ultra low voltage Intel® Core™ Duo processor, notebook processors that will only consume a median average of less than a watt (.75 watts) – the lowest in the industry – while still delivering high-performing computing power.

Chandrasekher said the processor will be available from OEMs such as Dell and HP and resellers starting this summer for their slimmest and sleekest laptop designs.