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AMD is taking bites into the supercomputing market


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Reinforced by a series of recent landmark wins, AMD is taking over the supercomputing market. Researchers and scientists across Europe are turning to AMD EPYC for their most demanding needs, from extreme weather analysis to autonomous driving to national defence systems. 

In recent weeks and months, AMD has forged ties with supercomputing innovators, all powered by EPYC:

  • El Capitan, the recently announced world’s fastest supercomputer, which will break the 2 exaflops barrier and support the US National Nuclear Security Administration’s mission and advancements in AI and ML. See more
  • (ECMWF) Atos supercomputer – built to reduce impact of severe weather events. See more
  • ‘ARCHER2’ a Cray Shasta supercomputer for the UK Research and Innovation – soon to be the UK’s most powerful supercomputer. See more
  • ‘Vulcan’ a Cray Shasta supercomputer for the UK Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) – built to support security and defence of the UK
  • University of Stuttgart’s ‘Hawk’ supercomputer – the largest installation of 2nd Gen EPYC processors in Germany and one of the largest in the whole EMEA region

And did you know that AMD and HPE/Cray are building another exascale supercomputer? Watch out for Frontier coming next year.

To learn more about how AMD is powering the world’s most powerful and essential supercomputers, visit here.