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ARCTIC Sets Up The F14 Fan Series

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ARCTIC expands its fan range – and sets up the 140 mm series completely new. Not only the F14 are available in full model selection for the first time, moreover the big fans are quieter than ever before and equipped with innovative features.

The standard class ARCTIC had already previously in the assortment – but due to the innovative design of the fan blades and the impeller the F14 presents itself now significantly quieter than its predecessor.
F14 Silent

Specially optimized for silent systems, the F14 Silent comes with inaudibly 0.08 Sone. An alloy/lubricant combination reduced friction, which not only lead to increased service life but most of all keeps the operating noise to a minimum.

The new PWM controlled fans have a particularly sophisticated solution in their luggage: German engineers were able to further develop the fan so that it not only operates with lower speed at low temperature, actually it only starts up when the performance is needed. This eliminates the fan noise during office work entirely and extends the service life of the fan significantly. Often motherboards don't provide PWM signals below 40 % and thus make the fan unnecessary loud – not so with the F14 PWM, PWM PST and PWM PST CO.
F14 TC*

The ideal temperature control in the entire case is ensured by the F14 TC. A separat temperature sensor is adjusted in such way that it keeps the temperature between 32° and 38° C.

*expected to be available from end of October 

The new F14 series is now available in the ARCTIC-Webshop for 6,49 GBP MSRP as well as inter alia at Amazon.
15 Years of Expertise
ARCTIC does not only play in the top league of the cooling specialists ever since, ARCTIC initiated the trend towards quiet cooling systems for desktop PCs and left a distinct mark. In 2001 the Swiss engineer and company founder Magnus Huber has determined to fight against loud computers – today, the still privately-owned company with locations in Germany, Hong Kong and the USA offers one of the world's largerst ranges of CPU and GPU coolers. Maximum compatibility, first-class performance and lowest volume convince enthusiasts in over 45 countries around the globe. With the competence of an unique expert knowledge from 15 years of (pc) noise minimization ARCTIC is building out its portfolio through high-quality sound products and office equipment.