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Continuous Run Without Compromises – with ARCTIC Freezer i11 CO

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Designed for 24/7 operation, the Freezer i11 CO provides up to 150 Watt cooling capacity with superior service life.

For the Freezer i11 CO the abbreviation says it: “CO” stands for “continuous operation” and makes the cooler suitable for PCs with non-stop operation like servers. Equipped with the premium quality of the Japanese dual ball bearing the fan reduces rotational friction and is significantly less sensitive to dust and high temperature. Compared to standard models the life span is up to five times longer – without the slightest compromise in performance. Thanks to fluidic analysis the efficiency of the 92 mm PWM fan has also been boosted. So the user benefits not only from greater cooling capacity but also from a lower noise level.

Direct contact copper heat pipes ensure additionally that the heat can be dissipated especially fast to the fins. To guarantee the exact airflow you need the Freezer i11 CO is extremely versatile and mountable according to individual preferences. A stable back plate keeps it securely in place then even on the go.

QUICK FACTS Freezer i11 CO Compact Performance CPU Cooler

  • Optimized for continuous run
  • Improved air flow guidance
  • Direct touch heat transfer
  • Transport-proof mounting system
  • MX-4 thermal compound

The Freezer i11 CO is now available at ARCTIC for a MSRP of 29.99 £ and also at Ebay and Amazon.

And for fans of absolute silence: The new Alpine 11 Passive
The compact CPU cooler does without a fan and yet provides enough power to keep all Intel CPUs up to 47 Watts at bay. It is dust and maintenance free and completely silent – even after years.

The Alpine 11 Passive is now available for a MSRP of 9.49 £ at ARCTIC and also at Ebay and Amazon.


As an international company ARCTIC is one of the leading manufacturers of computer cooling and has a profound know-how in the field of consumer electronics. With headquarters in Switzerland and offices in Hong Kong, Germany and the U.S., we sell our products in over 45 countries around the world.