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Cooler Master launches MA620M / SF120M / ELV cooling solutions

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Cooler Master are pleased to announce the launch of three new products:

  • MasterAir MA620M 
  • SF120M Fan 
  • ELV8 Addressable RGB Graphics Gard Holder 


The MasterAir MA620M comes with dual blacked out aluminum towers with a uniform 6 heat pipe layout to dissipate the heat evenly.

The Masterfan SF120R provides high air pressure with silent performance to cool away the heat from the heat pipes in silence.

Easy mounting system along with array of Addressable RGB LED lighting makes the MA620M the best option in the market for an air cooling solution 

Features :

Dual Tower Heatsink with a uniform 6 pipe –

A combination of two sets of heatsink covers more surface area and 6 heat pipes uniform layout distributes heat over more evenly across heatsinks

Lighting Badge – The Cooler Master hexagon logo and embedded Addressable RGB lighting strip provides unique perspective light effect. It is certified to sync with Motherboard RGB software or controlled by our controller.

Easy Mounting System– Exclusive All-In-One mounting design for easy installation

The new SF120R Fan – with silent driver IC and a wide range of speed settings, it can be used for silent

operation or fine-tuned for maximum cooling performance

Addressable RGB LED Controller – the wired Addressable RGB LED Controller allows for customizable colors and effects with just the touch of a button. 

Buy link : https://www.overclockers.co.uk/detail/index/sArticle/82895

MSRP : £89.99


The all new SF120M is Cooler Master’s Flagship Case fan designed purely with performance in mind.

It utilizes Cooler Master’s Industrial Fan Structure, which decreases the flex of the fan blades while ensuring a quiet operation with maximum airflow.

The Double-Ball Bearing decreases friction between the Fan and its bearings which further enhances the Fan/Blade performance ensuring a very long lifespan.

The patented Damping Frame Design additionally increases stiffness of the overall Chassis and decreases Blade-Flex which further escalates the overall performance of the SF120M.

Features : 

Patented Damping Frame Design- Absorbs unwanted vibration while maintaining its Chassis stiffness to ensure maximum performance.

Double Ball-Bearings- Less friction means better performance and longevity. It will ensure a quiet yet high performance operation.

Inter-Connecting Fan Blades - An Connected frame between the Fan-Blades Increase Airflow performance, while decreasing noise and flex between the blade while it operates, this will further increase the fans performance. 

Anti-vibration Motor and Pads– Motor equipped with new anti-vibration structure that lowers the noise level and vibration. Rubber pads to absorb vibration for a silent performance.

Improved Cable Management- Detachable fan cable that can be changed into a multi fan cable which is included 

Buy link : https://www.overclockers.co.uk/cooler-master-masterfan-sf120m-high-performance-pwm-fan-120mm-fg-02t-cm.html

MSRP : £24.99


A smart add-on GPU brace to protect your graphics card and motherboard for longer period of use.

The Cooler Master ELV8 helps reduce the sag of heavier graphics cards and the stress on PCI-e slot on the motherboard.

The length and height adjustments allows it to work with almost any graphics card.

It also features a beautiful addressable RGB strip to enhance the light  sync with the entire system.

MSRP : £19.99


  • PROTECT YOUR GRAPHICS CARD & MOTHERBOARD - Protect your graphics card from bending or sagging over time. Reduce stress or even damage on your motherboard from the weight of the graphics card. ELV8 locks onto expansion slot of any case to give your graphics card added weight support by lifting it from underneath.
  • ADJUSTABLE SUPPORT - ELV8 is easily adjustable for use with most graphic card sizes. The tool-free slider and hinge lets you adjust horizontally and vertically to the best position to support almost any graphics card.
  • ADDRESSABLE RGB LIGHTING - Full addressable RGB light sync with compatible motherboards for full system lighting. Personalize the lighting any way you want through motherboard software or MasterPlus software (optional RGB controller needed).