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X2 Products introduces the ABKONCORE Spider Spectrum

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Maarheeze, The Netherlands – Introducing the ABKONCORE SPIDER SPECTRUM KIT.

The ABKONCORE Spider Spectrum Fans 3 in 1 remote kit are a perfect addition to any PC setup because the flashy LEDs illuminate and therefore showoff the beaming powerful engine that is the chassis. Not only do the fans improve the chassis aesthetically, but improves its functionality as well. The whirring blades of the fans provide cool air inside the PC allowing other vital components of the PC to be functioning at the required optimum temperature possible, positively affecting the performance of the PC as a whole. Having full control of your Spider Spectrum Fans with the inclusive remote controller makes personalizing the LED color/speed and fan speed of your choice so much more entertaining.  Certified compatible with Asus Aura, ASRock RGB, GIGABYTE and MSI RGB.  

What you don’t have to worry about personalizing with the fan remote controller is the amount of noise that the Spider Spectrum Fans generates, the anti-vibration pads that are on each of the 8 corners of the fan successfully cancels out any noise caused by vibration possible creating a silent operating environment.  

By X2-Gaming - All geared up! 


• Rated Voltage: DC12V 

• Rated Current: 160mA± 20% (Fan) 450mA ±20%(LED) 

• Start-up Voltage: DC5V (on/off) 

• Bearing Type: Hydro bearing   

• Fan Speed: 1300±15%RPM 

• Air Flow: 34.34CFM 

• Air Pressure: 1.51mm -H20  

• Noise Level: 25db (A) 

• Connector: 6pin 

• Cable Length: 650 mm 

• Fan Weight: 135g 




€27,95 / $33,95 (including VAT) 


Originated by a team of PC enthusiasts & gamers in The Netherlands. X2 believes in exceptional style coupled with genuine quality, redefining the meaning of affordable PC gaming.