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The new Freezer 33 Series  – Multi-compatible tower CPU coolers from ARCTIC

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Multi-compatible and extra quiet tower CPU coolers also fit on brandnew AMD Ryzen AM4 socket

ARCTIC announces its new Freezer 33 Series. The high-performance semi passive CPU coolers Freezer 33, Freezer 33 CO and Freezer 33 Plus are the successor models of the Freezer 32 series. They are equipped with PWM controlled 120 mm cooling fans and offset heat pipes to ensure optimal heat dissipation. The low footprint of the Freezer 33 avoids interference with the RAM, even if there are two fans used. Fast and easy to install and extremely reliable, the mounting system is compatible with Intel and the new AMD Ryzen AM4 socket.

Semi passive cooling makes the Freezer 33 coolers very efficient and extra quiet. During simple applications, such as creating documents, the CPU is cooled passively. The F12 PWM fan only powers up at a higher load, starting at 40 % PWM. In this way, an optimal cooling capacity at a low noise level is guaranteed.

The Freezer 33 Plus features an additional F12 PWM cooling fan mounted on the opposite side of the radiator providing a great airflow and increasing cooling capacity significantly. Both the Freezer 33 and the Freezer 33 Plus are equipped with a durable high precision bearing, reducing friction and achieving a greater efficiency and less heat development.

The Freezer 33 CO is specifically designed for continuous operation. The Japanese dual ball bearing, used in the "CO" version, reduces rotational friction considerably, is significantly less sensitive to dust and high temperature and hence up to 5 times more durable than other bearings.
Main Features Freezer 33 Series

• Compatible with Intel Sockets & AMD Ryzen (AM4)
• Passive Operation up to 40 % PWM
• Offset heat pipes ensure optimal heat dissipation
• Improved fan controller made in Germany
• Anti-vibration rubbers for quiet operation
• Installation in all four directions possible
• Transport-proof mounting with backplate
• MX-4 thermal paste included

The Freezer 33 and Freezer 33 Plus are available in the ARCTIC-Webshop starting at a price of 39.99 £ MSRP as well as on Amazon. The Freezer 33 CO is available for preorder and will be delivered in April.

Image material available for download on the respective product page.

For the sake of the environment, ARCTIC provides the manuals for the new product line online only: Freezer 33 Freezer 33 Plus Freezer 33 CO 

Besides the new Freezer 33 Series, the bulk of our CPU-coolers is already compatible to the AM4-socket. An overview is available on our website.

More information coming soon!

15 Years of Expertise
ARCTIC does not only play in the top league of the cooling specialists ever since, ARCTIC initiated the trend towards quiet cooling systems for desktop PCs and left a distinct mark. In 2001 the Swiss engineer and company founder Magnus Huber has determined to fight against loud computers – today, the still privately-owned company with locations in Germany, Hong Kong and the USA offers one of the world's largerst ranges of CPU and GPU coolers. Maximum compatibility, first-class performance and lowest volume convince enthusiasts in over 45 countries around the globe. With the competence of an unique expert knowledge from 15 years of (pc) noise minimization ARCTIC is building out its portfolio through high-quality sound products and office equipment.