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NZXT offers free upgrade to AM4 for its Kraken range

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NZXT announces it will offer a free upgrade to AM4 for its Kraken range. With the AMD Zen-based Ryzen CPUs, a new AM4 socket has been introduced. We at NZXT believe in providing high-quality components to our customers as well as exceptional customer service no matter where you live.

NZXT are currently producing a retention bracket to support the new AM4 socket and will provide this for free to all current Kraken users. Existing Kraken users can order direct from the retailer where they bought their Kraken. Alternatively, Kraken users can request it online via the following link

The AM4 Kit will allow current NZXT Kraken users to upgrade their coolers to support AMD’s newest released AM4 Socket (Ryzen) Motherboards. Qualified Kraken products for this upgrade:

  • Kraken X31
  • Kraken X41
  • Kraken X61
  • Kraken X42
  • Kraken X52
  • Kraken X62

This retention bracket will be ready to ship starting middle of March 2017 to customers in the UK. (shipping dates may vary).

Please visit for additional information.