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ARCTIC - Extensive Compatibility with AMD AM4 and Intel Kaby Lake

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Almost all ARCTIC CPU Coolers are applicable to AMD

Regarding the forthcoming market entry of the AM4-platform of AMD, we from ARCTIC have good news for you – the bulk of our CPU-coolers is already compatible to the AM4-socket and needs no further adaption. Among others, these are the complete Alpine 64-Series, all models of Freezer 13 and the Freezer Xtreme. So, whoever plans to switch to the new AMD socket, has no need to do without his reliable ARCTIC CPU-cooler.

Extension Kit for Liquid Freezers

Concerning the models of the Freezer 32-series and Freezer 11, AM4-compatibility will be achieved with the successors Freezer 12 and Freezer 33. Both will be available this spring. For the Liquid Freezers 120 and 240, we will provide an AM4-solution from early April: All already acquired Liquid Freezers can be upgraded with an extension kit. Please contact the ARCTIC support directly (arctic@support.ac).

Compatibility with AM4



All coolers based on the 1151-socket are compatible with Kaby Lake

All ARCTIC coolers for Intel fit on the 1151 socket and therefore are compatible with Kaby Lake. The new Freezers 12 and 33 also fit on the AMD-AM4 socket.
15 Years of Expertise

ARCTIC does not only play in the top league of the cooling specialists ever since, ARCTIC initiated the trend towards quiet cooling systems for desktop PCs and left a distinct mark. In 2001 the Swiss engineer and company founder Magnus Huber has determined to fight against loud computers – today, the still privately-owned company with locations in Germany, Hong Kong and the USA offers one of the world's largerst ranges of CPU and GPU coolers. Maximum compatibility, first-class performance and lowest volume convince enthusiasts in over 45 countries around the globe. With the competence of an unique expert knowledge from 15 years of (pc) noise minimization ARCTIC is building out its portfolio through high-quality sound products and office equipment.