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In Win Development celebrates 25 years of excellence

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In Win Development, a leading provider of enclosure solutions, is kicking off its 25th anniversary celebration at CES 2011 in Las Vegas from January 6-9th, 2011.

For the past twenty-five years, In Win is second to none in providing computer chassis and power supplies worldwide. Among many things, we were the first to introduce ATX chassis, the first to have a complete automated manufacturing facility, and the first chassis manufacturer to receive the prestigious IF and Red-Dot awards.

The valuable experience gained in the past twenty-five years will prepares us for the future as we strive not only to be an valuable supplier to our customers but also as an environmentally conscious partner to the mother Earth. In Win Advanced Certification Program, High-efficiency power supplies, products with recycled materials, and green manufacturing process are all the initiatives we are making to preserve our eco-system.

Come and celebrate with us, as we kick off the celebration at CES 2011. The festivity will continue throughout the year with exciting marketing programs and special limited edition products for our partners.