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Version 3 of the award winning DAN CASE A4-SFX V3

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The ultimate small form factor case 

Award-winning design back with updated hardware support. 

The DAN A4-SFX V3 was designed by Daniel Hansen, his vision was to create the smallest possible gaming PC case, without compromising on performance or looks. The result is the DAN A4-SFX V3, an ultra small form factor case with a sleek. minimalist design.

The new V3 edition features quality Lian-Li components including a new PCIE 3.0 riser module, optional AIO mount for CPU water-cooling support with both a 92mm and 120mm radiator configuration plus mounting points for the HDPLEX 400W HiFi DC-ATX.

Avaliable at OverclockersUK from £209.99

An Overview of the DAN Cases A4-SFX V3 Mini-Case:

   - Extremely compact size 112 x 205 x 327 mm, with a volume of just 7.2 litres

   - Constructed from premium aluminium with a brushed surface

   - Full size graphics card support (up to 295mm) 

   - 3M Riser Module with full PCI-Express 3.0 speeds

   - Accepts mini-ITX form factor motherboards (including all AMD & Intel platforms)

   - Watercooling support for both 92mm floor radiator and 120mm radiator located behind the PSU

   - Space for powerful SFX or SFX-L power supplies up to three 2.5" storage devices

   - Innovative design with a comprehensive installation guide

Manufactured by Lian Li Premium Aluminium Case

The DAN A4-SFX V3 has an extremely compact chassis, measuring a mere  112 x 205 x 327 mm with a volume of just 7.2 litres, that's roughly the size of a shoe box. Through excellent engineering the interior space has been perfectly laid out so that essential hardware only takes up the minimum space required.

The DAN A4-SFX V3's distinct minimalist aesthetic is perfectly complemented by the premium components Lian Li used to manufacture the case. Its exterior is made from 1.5 mm thick anodised aluminium, which gives the DAN A4-SFX V3 an impressively smooth finish. In keeping with this streamlined look, the DAN A4-SFX V3 features just a single USB 3.0 port and power switch on the case's front panel.

A Rigorously Planned Concept & The Perfect Utilisation of Space

Daniel put considerable thought into the installation process, which means that unlike most other mini-cases, installing components is straightforward and simple.

In spite of the diminutive size of the case, there is sufficient room to install a full size graphics card. The graphics card is installed parallel behind the mini-ITX motherboard in a separate chamber and this means that virtually every single square centimetre of space inside the DAN Cases A4-SFX is intelligently used.

A Compact case with all the details worked out

Daniel has also thought through the practical aspects, such as cooling, connections and power supply, to make sure the DAN A4-SFX V3 is easy to setup and use.

The case has been optimised for cooling, with both side panels, as well as the roof of the case have been designed with large air vents. These ensure that all other components are supplied with consistent airflow and that heat is efficiently exhausted. The bottom of the case has been specially designed with elongated air vents to ensure optimal airflow. New for the third revision is the option to mount an AIO panel so that the CPU can be water cooled. To protect all air vents from dust, DEMCiflex provides optional DAN Cases A4-SFX Dust Filters

A riser adapter from 3M company connects the PCI-Express x16 slot of the motherboard to the left-hand side of the case. This space can be used to install a graphics card up to 295mm in length.

The case can accept compact SFX or longer SFX-L power supplies. If the smaller SFX power supply is fitted, there is space for two 2.5" SSDs/HDDs  or one if an SFX-L is used and an additional 2.5" storage device can be mounted behind the front panel.

Avaliable at OverclockersUK from £209.99
Technical Details:

  - Colour: Black
  -  Dimensions: 112 x 205 x 327 mm (W x H x D - with feet and overhang)
  -  Dimensions: 115 x 200 x 317 mm (W x H x D - chassis only)
  -  Material: aluminum (anodized, brushed) 
  -  Material thickness: 1.5 mm
 -   Weight: 1.25 kg 
 -   Volume: 7.25 l
 -   Color: Black 
 -   Form Factor: Mini-ITX
 -   Cooling options:
       1x 92mm air cooling fan
       1x 92mm water cooling radiator (floor)
       1x 120mm water cooling radiator (behind the power supply
 -   Drive Bays:
 -   2x 2.5" (drive frame, max 15 mm height, with SFX-L power supply only 1 fan can be fitted)
 -   1x 2.5 inches (behind the front panel, max 9mm height
 -   Power supply: SFX or SFX-L)
 -   Expansion slots: 2 (dual slot) 
 -   I/O panel:
   1x USB 3.0 (internal connection)
 -   Feature: Lian Li PCIe 3.0 riser module for GPU mounting (300mm) 
 -   Hardware Compatibility:

   Maximum CPU cooler height: 48 mm
   Maximum graphic card length: 295/306 mm (without / incl. slot bracket)
   Maximum graphics card height: 144 mm (from the bottom of the PCIe slot)
   Maximum graphic card width: 40/45 mm (without / with backplate)
   Maximum memory module height: 52 mm
   Maximum power supply length: 130 mm
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