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Tyan launches their next generation Rackmount Chassis Kits

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Jan 23rd, 2008, Taipei- The demand for rackmount barebones in the whitebox server market continues to increase on yearly basis.  Tyan, as the recognized leader in high performance and high reliability barebone solutions, has the expertise to ensure that system design, thermal and cabling are fully optimized and tested to increase the overall system’s stability and reliability. Thereby reducing the time and cost customers must spend to validate a platform’s overall performance.

Tyan has never lost focus on its’ core products, our award winning server/workstation mainboards and rackmount barebones.  The natural evolution to these award winning products is the continued development of these “kits” to aid our customers. The KGT/KFT series Rackmount Chassis Kits are fully compatible with many of Tyan’s Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron platforms and provide customers with more flexibility while simultaneously allowing them to better manage their inventory. Channel customers can now purchase the rackmount chassis kits with the confidence that these kits have already gone through rigorous compatibility, thermal and cabling testing at Tyan to ensure proper operation. Thereby reducing the time and effort necessary to perform this testing on the customer’s end.

KGT Series 1U Rackmount Chassis Kit:
- KGT24MX (1U, 4 HDD Trays, 25.4”)

KFT Series 4U/Tower Rackmount Chassis Kit:
- KFT48M1 (4U, 8 HDD bays, 27.5”, Single 700W PSU PSW or 750W 1+1 Redundant PSU)

Building on the success of the previous generation KGT-500 series, the newly released KGT/KFT series include the benefits of:

-An I/O shield which can be changed to accommodate different motherboards as required, increasing the chassis’ flexibility.

-The KGT uses a high efficiency (80+) 400W/600W power supply, which can reduce overall energy cost

-Ball bearing sliding rails, which not only provide a smoother feel and eliminates the friction noise, but will also prolong the useful life of the rail.

-The KGT24MX HDD connectors on the backplane are located right behind each HDD drive. Thereby shortening the cable length, while also increasing the data transmitting efficiency.

-HDD backplane’s transmitting cable utilizes the highest quality SAS high performance cable, which can lower data transmitting latency and minimize data loss.

KGT/KFT series rackmount chassis kits are currently in the customer sampling phase, and will be in mass production in February.  For more information on the KGT/KFT series rackmount chassis kit, please visit Tyan link: