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QOTW: How is Windows 10 working out for you?

by Parm Mann on 30 October 2015, 16:31

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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Windows 10 has reached its three-month milestone and within the first 100 days of availability has been installed more than 120 million times. That's a lot of upgrades and for everyone who has made the jump, we reckon enough time has passed to make meaningful judgement.

From a personal perspective, I've upgraded three of my own machines - two desktops and a laptop - without any major issues, though I have recently come across a BSOD for the first time in a long time. The upgrade process was painless, the OS is quick and suits my typical workloads, but if I'm honest I don't necessarily see any major benefit over Windows 8.1.

Sure, the new Start Menu is less jarring, and thank goodness Windows Store apps aren't forced to run full-screen, but I find myself overlooking some of the high-profile additions. I've yet to find a use for Cortana (the poor gal's been reduced to an icon on my taskbar), the default Mail client is still too basic despite subsequent updates (you can't even create new folders), and though the revamped Windows Store looks nice, I struggle to find many apps genuinely worth downloading.

On the plus side, Edge is quickly becoming my preferred web browser (though it won't overtake Chrome until extension support is introduced), Virtual Desktops are a very good thing, and I'm finding the Action Centre more useful than I thought I would. Oh, and of course, I'm very much a fan of the upgrade being free.

It's that time of the week so let us invite our readers up to the stage and ask: how is Windows 10 working out for you? Share your thoughts using the comments facility below.

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Mines running fine now.

I did have an issue at the beginning where it was either windows defender or Nvidia drivers causing a problem when logging in first time caused hanging for a while.

This was rectified quite quickly as I have Norton installed now so Windows defender is disabled and the nvidia driver updates appear to have sorted out the issues :)
Tried it for a couple of weeks on a spare drive, now plugged my Win 7 drive back in. I can't see anything in it for me.

Wondering what to do about MS trying to cram this down my throat, when the update to spam that I can upgrade to win10 came out I uninstalled it and blocked it, now I notice a similar one is back. Now it looks like I might get auto upgraded before long? http://www.fudzilla.com/news/39141-microsoft-will-update-you-to-windows-10

Edit to add: Perhaps I should step up my playing Elite so that I hit full Elite combat rating, I think I will be done then. That game is the only thing keeping me with a Windows install, then I can boot to Linux and not go back.
Brilliant so far - great improvement over Windows 8
No issues with my two PCs. Phone is still running on 8 though
I want no part of the Ten-Tatorship. :p