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QOTW: What are your first impressions of Windows 10?

by Parm Mann on 31 July 2015, 16:36

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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It's familiar. It's productive. It's flexible. It's personal. It's the best Windows ever.

Microsoft isn't shy in telling us what it thinks of its latest operating system, but the software giant isn't the only one lauding the all-round goodness of Windows 10.

The Guardian reckons "Windows 10 is a significant upgrade and the extras are worth a try, especially if you can talk to Cortana." The Verge calls it "hugely exciting" and Engadget adds that "it's nice, for once, to be able to recommend a new version of Windows without any hesitation."

It ain't all sunshine and roses, mind you. The New York Times states that "the operating system still has a little ways to go before it becomes a solid all-around upgrade," The Wall Street Journal finds "little reason to use it outside of work" and ZDnet goes as far as to claim that "the 'real' Windows 10 launch will come this fall when Microsoft delivers more Windows 10 features."

Windows 10 will be an evolutionary OS that develops and changes over time, but now that the retail build is out in the wild, we want to hear real-world reactions from you, the users. More than 14 million devices are said to have upgraded in the the first 24 hours after release, so let us ask: what are your first impressions of Windows 10?

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Was on the beta - loved it - but tried twice to upgrade my Win 7 gaming PC, Nvidia 970 and it's failed both times - runs at 1024*768 and will NOT install the Nvidia drivers… will try a clean install this weekend…
Couple bugs here and there. But generally pretty solid. Some Groove music bugs I've noticed, and then another annoying bug where USB storage devices unplug and re-plug themselves back in every few minutes.
Was on the beta - loved it - but tried twice to upgrade my Win 7 gaming PC, Nvidia 970 and it's failed both times - runs at 1024*768 and will NOT install the Nvidia drivers… will try a clean install this weekend…

I had the same issue, What I did was download and save the drivers and then open up task manager, their should be a Nvidia installer or something along those lines running, end the process and then go to Settings > System > App's & features and search nvidia. Uninstall everything that pop's up and reboot. Once rebooted open Task manager again and end the Nvidia installer process again and then run the driver installer you downloaded from the website, it should install just fine then and roboot just to be sure, the PC should run just fine then.
tried most of that - rebooted after uninstalling Nvidia everything and there was NO display at all - had to use system restore :-) but I didn't do the Task Manager thing - will try that before I reinstall - thank you

… what are your first impressions of Windows 10?

So far, WORST version of Windows, ever.

Oh, it's slick enough, pretty enough, apparently good security etc, but for my taste it goes too far, way too far, in taking the personal out of Personal Computing.

Two main issues. Privacy, and auto-upgrades.

Until/unless MS address those (to my satisfaction) I'm not even interested in trying it. So it matters not how slick, pretty, secure or full-featured it is, if I don't trust it. Or rather, don't trust MS.

The privacy policy (August version) sucks hugely, IMHO. You are handing MS a vast amount of permission, to the point of effectively losing any rights at all over it, to your personal data. I understand why some aspects of Win10, like Cortana for instance, require that to work, but that's precisely my point - I neither need nor want anything Cortana offers, yet MS shove it in anyway and then rights-grab my personal info so it can work.

The same applies to auto-update. I understand the technical advantages of a common platform, but by agreeing to the EULA, you have accepted that MS can make ANY changes they wish, to the OS on YOUR machine, not only without your permission but without your knowledge. And they have previous …. like pushing out Bing search in a previous update. So …. well, remember Sony getting in all sorts of PR and potentially legal hot water by installing rootkits via CD/DVD play? Well guess what … Win10 users have given permission for MS to install rootkits, pump out ad-engine based search bars, forcibly disable 3rd-party security tools, etc, should they wish to do so.

Will they? Who knows. But like I said, they have previous.

So yeah, my first impression is worst-ever Windows, by a country mile. Because it is attempting to hijack MY personal computer and turn it into an MS-controlled box, like an XBox.

Will it succeed? Not if people care about privacy or control it won't ….so yeah, it probably will succeed. But then, I thought I was in a tiny minority with Win8, and look how that turned out.