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QOTW: When will you upgrade to Windows 10?

by Parm Mann on 3 July 2015, 16:36

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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It's almost time for a new Windows. Later this month, Microsoft will kick off its ambitious plan to "upgrade one billion devices" with an operating system the software giant describes as "the Windows you know, only better."

Yep, Windows 10 is coming on July 29. Microsoft's five-million Windows Insiders will be first served, ahead of a staggered roll-out to all those prepared to make the leap, and with a free upgrade being offered to users of Windows 7 and Windows 8, this could be the biggest mass-migration the Windows world has ever seen.

Exciting times, but while Microsoft will be keen for users to upgrade at the earliest opportunity, we want to hear your opinion so we're asking: when will you upgrade to Windows 10?

Whether you're upgrading on day one, waiting for reviews, holding out for a Service Pack or not planning on upgrading at all, let us know your thoughts and reasoning using the comments facility below.

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I've registered my Windows 7 desktop with the built in service that appeared, so I'll be upgrading whenever Microsoft let me. I'll keep the laptop on 8.1 for the time being until I'm satisfied there's no problems.
I don't know when or *if* I will upgrade to Windows 10. What I'm certain about, though, is that I won't upgrade on Day One (i.e. 29 July), if indeed Microsoft manages to get the OS out of the door by then. There are far too many uncertainties with regard to Windows 10, and, having tested the majority of preview builds as an “Insider” I can't say that I'm too fond of what I'm seeing.
Like Az, above, I'm currently trying to decide if, not when. At the moment, I'd say (finger-in-air) it's about 2:1 for not upgrading at all. I certainly don't expect to do it day 1, unless MS become WAY more forthcoming with answers to questions and reservations, and in about the next week or so at that.
Probably a week or two after launch, depending on when Oculus updates their SDK to work with Win10.
Day 1. As long as Steam and the Internet work fine, and the performace is good then I am happy.

It's a price to pay for the next DX instalment.