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QOTW: What do you think of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview?

by Parm Mann on 2 March 2012, 16:45

Tags: Windows 8

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Some of us had a taste of where Windows 8 was headed with the Developer Preview back in September 2011, but for many of us, the chance to experience Microsoft's next flagship operating system arrived this week in the form of an eagerly-anticipated Consumer Preview. And experience it we did, as the free-to-try software racked up over one million downloads in just 24 hours.

Microsoft refers to its next major release as "a new Windows for new devices," and the company is taking a bold approach in reimagining Windows for today's computing devices. Instead of building various operating systems for various form factors, the software giant is hoping to deliver a single package that scales across a wide range of products. Whether you're using a compact tablet, a traditional desktop or a giant touchscreen display, Microsoft wants Windows 8 to be your platform of choice.

But is it going to work? Can an operating system that delivers a beautiful touch experience still function equally well with a keyboard and mouse? And, can Windows 8 really be fun on a tablet while continuing to offer professional-class productivity on the desktop?

The HEXUS team has mixed opinions, but it's that time of the week where we put the question to you, the readers. The forums are the place to be heard, so let the world know; what do you make of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview?

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Love it, will be getting it :) I was sceptical that metro might not translate to a PC, but it does, and really well. All the shortcuts I use feel very direct and identical to 7 so it's not a big jump tbh. Of course it'll excel on the tablet form factor but I'm really enjoying it on my dtop so far. Had a couple of connection issues but 99% has exceeded my expectations. Can't wait to get hold of a decent tablet

My only gripe is the lack of a start menu, I don't like that ill have to go to a early learning windows screen every time I want to do something.
Metro may be fine for Tablets but not looking that great for desktops / Laptops imo.
I like it but I won't be rushing out to buy it at release like with windows 7, the only thing holding me back is the fact there are no decent touch screens out there in my eyes, ideally I would love to use the surface thing from microsoft/samsung as my desk with a multi-monitor setup in the traditional manner…
I can't see us getting Windows 8.

We bought a Touchscreen monitor for Windows 7 but find it too annoying to use as it involves reaching out over your desk! So we've disabled it. We don't own a touch/smart phone or a tablet and never will.

We don't like the Metro flat look at all, we prefer out icons and everything to have a nice colourful 3D look. The Start button is perfect for our needs, the new ‘thing’ would take us longer to do anything!

We have no use for Social Networking of any kind. None! That's right we don't use Facebook, Twitter, et al.

We use Firefox/Thunderbird not IE/Outlook. We mainly use out PC for running web browsing, Word typing, DrawPlus Vector drawing, PhotoPlus & PSP pho work, 3D Studio Max, AutoCAD, Songbird and other powerful programs. Also for playing FPS games and Simulation games. We have no use for gimmicky Apps, like weather apps, etc. We use our PC for several hours a day and we push it hard.

We are happy with our level of security, we use Avira, Comodo Firewall and no cloud services at all. We don't have separate User Accounts in Win7 why bother when we both use the same programs and have no secrets?! It means we switch on our PC and it loads straight to the Desktop every time!

It seems to us that Windows 8 has nothing new for us, and if anything is less suitable to our needs!

Oh and the video ad seems aimed at teenagers who just want a glorified smart phone rather than ‘real’ people who work and play on their PC in any serious capacity. Bling over function is Windows 8…