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QOTW: which Windows apps should everyone know about?

by Parm Mann on 18 November 2011, 16:33

Tags: Windows 7

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We've all got them - obscure Windows 7 apps that we've discovered, fallen in love with, and now can't do without.

But with so many apps to choose from, nobody will have them all, so we want to hear your suggestions. Which lesser-known apps do you think deserve a place in everybody's library?

Have you found a perfect management tool for your music library? A nifty MP3 tagging tool? Or perhaps a free alternative to Microsoft Word? Or maybe something as simple as a to-do-list creator, a free game, or a desktop customisation tool?

Whatever it is, whether it's freeware or paid for, if you think it's worth recommending to your fellow Windows 7 users, let us know in the HEXUS forums.

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A nifty MP3 tagging tool? - TagScanner, works a charm for me.

If you use a lot of PuTTY then “PuTTY Connection Manager” is a buggy but worth it addition.

Notepad++ is a great text editor.

For network/sys admins out there try LanSweeper for network inventory, the Pro licence is a lot cheaper than many other solutions in this area, and it finds and monitors a lot of things.

Probably none are that “undiscovered” but are all very useful to me.
Evernote is one of the best for me, even more so when combined with the mobile versions for note taking in meetings.
Copy path to clipboard. Adds a context menu option that does just that. Tiny, simple, incredibly useful. softpedia.com/get/System/OS-Enhancements/Copy-Path-To-Clipnboard-JA.shtml
Deskpins can be quite useful. It makes windows always be on top so you can do work without flicking between two windows and still have one program full screen.
SyncToy is a handy program I use to keep things in sync between my portable and internal HDDs; also between Dropbox and regular Documents. Can be scheduled to run automatically and is pretty intelligent in how it responds to changed files. Can also exclude folders from being synced, handy when syncing a large folder with e.g. Dropbox as you can exclude pointless large files from being Dropboxed.