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HEXUS.TalkingShop: Kaspersky and security for the Mac

by Scott Bicheno on 9 October 2009, 15:54

Tags: Kaspersky

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Security complex

Even by its contemporary standards, the cyber security industry has had a lot on its plate recently, as the bad guys find ever-more inventive ways of making the rest of our lives a misery. So we invited Ram Herkanaidu - security researcher at Kaspersky Labs - back into the HEXUS.tv studios to give us the latest from the font line.

After years of boasting that Macs are unaffected by the malware blight that afflicts all Windows based PCs, Apple has now acknowledged security on the Mac as an issue. Accordingly, Kaspersky has recently launched its first Mac product and we speak to Herkanaidu about the need for such a thing.

Another huge potential market for security software is smartphones, as they grow both in popularity and power, and we discuss how things might evolve there.

On the competitive side, Microsoft has recently launched the latest version of its Security Essentials free anti malware suite, and we ask Herkanaidu how worried he is that people will stop paying for security software.

Lastly, we discuss the recent massive phishing scam that affected thousands of Hotmail, Gmail and other email accounts. What the possible motivations could have been for them and what people can do to protect themselves.


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I coulnt use kaspersky because of some of my firefox plug ins… made my whole system stall like hell
@ biscuit I have used KIS for over 2.5yrs on Vista without a problem with FF. The guys on the Kaspersky forums are pretty helpful, check them out. I know there was a problem with KIS slowing updates of add-ons but I haven't experienced it. If you know of a specific add-on, I can try to install and see if it works ok now.

What about a linux product? Just started using Ubuntu, loving it but I only have an on-demand virus scanner. Would love to have KIS on my linux too.

About the Mac version, if you run a multi-boot hackintosh I wonder if you need an extra licence?

ps can't find this mac version of Kaspersky.co.uk
i only tried the demo and then stopped using because it was easier to find an alternative than slog throuigh finding the problem… i have like 6 or 7 add ons running so it just wasnt worth the effort.
I've done the same with other pieces of software. :)

Just didn't want you to have wasted your money and have it left sitting on the shelf.
na virus software is expensive i always trial it :)