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QOTW: Which desktop operating system(s) do you use?

by Parm Mann on 29 March 2019, 16:31

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Let's talk software, and more specifically, the desktop operating system(s) that we use week in, week out. The OS is, after all, the one part of the computer we interact with most often, and its ability to cater to our needs plays a key role in our overall enjoyment of the computing experience.

We want to know which operating systems you currently use, and more importantly we want to hear about your likes and dislikes. Similarly, if you're rocking an older OS, is there a reason why you haven't upgraded, and is staying put holding back your system's capabilities in any meaningful way? And of course, if you're using an OS that's a little different to the norm, we'd love to know what and why.

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Well I'm moderately happy with my (free Windows 7 upgraded) Windows 10 Home.
It has been a few years, since I had to reinstall the system to remove the clutter, that used to be an annual experience, and with a few tweaks the start up time is relatively very good.
Win7. Not sure if there is anything fundamentally broken that could have only been fixed by later versions, but if not, then it is something I would have been happy to continue using provided security updates kept rolling. Oh well.
Windows 10 pro on both desktop and laptop at home, and after 4 years of OSX, just got a new work laptop that's Windows 10 Enterprise.

It's a large university, so Apple is very popular, and I have to be fluent in both. However, I'm glad that most of my typing will now all be in the same system, and I even have identical keyboards at home and at work (Corsair Strafe), and I'm glad that I won't have to try to keep track of how OSX responds to certain keys differently (like home, end, up and down while navigating text boxes in different programs and even in different web sites).
Windows 7 Pro and Manjaro XFCE. Not much to say
Windows 10 but I'd like to install 7 or 8.1 on an older pc to get media center back.