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AMD VP explains notebook strategy for 2009

by Tarinder Sandhu on 3 January 2009, 20:02


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Not a netbook

AMD recently invited a number of journalists, including HEXUS, over to its Lone Star campus in Austin, Texas for a technology briefing.

While there we were able to spend a bit of time with AMD's VP of advanced marketing - Pat Moorhead. He was happy to discuss a number of topics beyond the pretext of the press event and was even willing to do so in front of the TV camera.

The clip below is the first part of the conversation Moorhead had with HEXUS.channel editor Scott Bicheno. In it he explains AMD's plans for two new ultra-portable PC platforms, codenamed Yukon and Congo, and how they differ from Intel's netbook category.




Pat Moorhead exclusive interview series:

Part 2 - Platforms

Part 3 - What it means to be fabless

Part 4 - Product roadmaps

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as interesting as that may be will they get it out in time to beat the new intel chipset with the 9400 which should boast very similar features at lower price point?

Great predicted power envelope non-the-less.
liked the article Scott, and nice to see no intel ads at the begining and end :)