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Interview with Sapphire CEO K D Au

by David Ross on 7 April 2006, 09:39

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How it began; future directions

HEXUS: What’s the background with Sapphire? How did it all come around?
KD: Well 15 years ago, I ran a distributor called Athlon Micro. They were the master ATI distributor in North America. Then, when ATI changed their business model to go after the ASIC market and have board partners, it made perfect sense to start up this new business. Over time we have built a tremendous relationship with ATI. I care about this relationship and the mutual trust we have built up, too.

HEXUS: We've talked weaknesses but what's the biggest threat you face?
KD: A lot of people think it is other people coming in to the AIB market but I don't think it is. Everything is down to the people; without them a company is nothing. I am not worried about whether I sell ATI or NVIDIA, it comes down to the relationship with the customers and staff. For example, Brian Skelton, our former Global Marketing Director, was friendly and a great asset to this company. He will be greatly missed. [Sadly, Brian died in May 2004 - Ed]

HEXUS: So what’s next?
KD: I am making a shift from being an AIB partner to being a multimedia company. I want to sell more products which overlap with consumer lifestyle. We have the channel, relationships and brand so it makes sense to move into a new market. I want people to trust the brand and associate with it correctly.

HEXUS: What’s the story with PCPartner, how do they fit in to all of this?
KD: When we started this company, we didn't want to have our own factory. Instead we decided to do contract manufacturing, so we worked with PCPartner to that level - now they are a silent partner to Sapphire.

HEXUS: What are long term goals?
KD: Well, to grow the business. As I said earlier I want to go after the multimedia area. We want a brand which sells products. Our success is down to the relationships, people and brand.

HEXUS: Thank you KD for your time, it’s been interesting.
KD: No problem.

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So, why do 8 out of 15 questions begin: ‘So’ ? ;)

(great interview though)
Good point :) Ask Steve…
The person who asked them liked the word “so”? I just don't know! :)
The person who asked them liked the word “so”? I just don't know! :)

:O_o1: :O_o1:
Um, if Sapphire made Nvidia cards i would buy one.