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QOTW: Which brand of graphics card do you use?

by Parm Mann on 5 February 2021, 16:31

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It is often suggested that dramatic improvements in reference boards, coupled with keen price points, is leaving add-in-board partners in a tight spot. Whether or not to go with a custom cooler is a key decision when picking out a graphics card (supply permitting), and we're intrigued to know which route our readers tend to take.

With that in mind, let us ask: which brand of graphics card do you use? Let us know your current manufacturer and model, and how you rate build quality using the comments facility below.

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Using Nvidia (GTX1660Ti) on my Ubuntu box. It works pretty well with no fuss.

I would like to try an AMD card as a learning exercise, but looking at prices and availability. I don't think I'll be trying that anytime soon.
For AMD cards I always go for Sapphire, never had any problems with it. I had one XFX at one point and it was running very hot and noisy. As for NVidia, whichever is cheapest, usually Palit, just like at the moment(Gtx 1660 StormX).
EVGA Nvidia GTX 1070. Over 3 years old, but still chugging along pretty well. Can still play the games I want to at decent FPS.
An Evga GTX 1070ti. Does what I need it to do, in no hurry to replace.
Currently AMD in the form of a 5700XT Sapphire Pulse (also had a Sapphire 4870 back in the day). So far I've only had a single nVidia card and that was an ex-demo MSI 970GTX which did me proud for a good number of years (part of the reason for the purchase of an MSI x570 motherboard really… well partly, that and the fact the Unify has zero RGB).