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QOTW: what will be your next graphics card?

by Parm Mann on 25 June 2008, 15:59


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It's been one of the more interesting wars, the battle between NVIDIA and AMD, and both graphics giants now have their latest products on the table.

NVIDIA struck first with its GTX 200 series, launching two trail-blazing cards; the GeForce GTX 280 and GeForce GTX 260.

HEXUS put NVIDIA's next-gen card to the test and found that the GeForce GTX 280 easily takes the mantle of fastest single-GPU graphics-card, with performance derived from making 18-month-old G80 that much bigger and better.

Today, AMD fired its retort with the launch of its Radeon HD 4000 series. The series comprises of two cards, the Radeon HD 4850 and Radeon HD 4870.

As always, HEXUS put the cards through their paces and found that the Radeon HD 4850 becomes our choice of GPU at £125. Similarly, we found AMD's Radeon HD 4870 to provide excellent performance in the enthusiast class - a solid recommendation at £175.

Though the new-and-improved cards make for obvious choices, NVIDIA also has a 55nm GeForce 9800 GTX+ on its way and its older 9800 GTX shouldn't be ruled out thanks to its dropping pricetag.

It's a long running battle of NVIDIA Green vs. AMD Red, but this time both sides are armed with powerful new products, and the consumer ultimately wins.

So, dear readers, you've seen the products, you've read our reviews, and you've probably made your decision. How do you feel about the line-up available from both Green and Red teams, and most importantly, what will be your next graphics setup?

Let us know in our community poll and share your thoughts in our forums.

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Is there any reason to choose Nvidia over ATI with this gen of cards??? This is the question Nvidia needs to ask its self.
The 9800GTX+ would be interesting, but it is essentially a 8800GTX+ which makes the 4850 so much more enticing. Plus CrossFire performance for 4850 seems to be really good making for an obvious future upgrade. Although the new pricing of the 9800GTX is very good, the 4850 still swings it for me: more than enough power, plenty of multimedia features, and a great price tag.
Whatever cast-off I can get from someone looking after their e-peen :p Given last gen nVidia's were top dog it'll probably end up being one of them.
Wrong section? :D
Imo the 260/280 might as well not exist at the current prices.