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QOTW: AMD Radeon or Nvidia GeForce for your next PC?

by Parm Mann on 8 November 2019, 16:31


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When we posed the question 'AMD Ryzen or Intel Core for your next PC?,' the overwhelming majority favoured the AMD option, citing better value as a key factor in the decision making process.

The responses to last week's question are a sign of AMD's progress in the CPU market, but has it been able to make a significant impact in the discrete graphics space? To find out, we're changing the focus from CPU to GPU with a follow-up question that asks: AMD Radeon or Nvidia GeForce for your next PC?

This area of the market arguably isn't seeing the same levels of innovation as the CPU arena, yet the two key players have a burgeoning range of current-generation solutions, and there are merits to both Radeon and GeForce solutions. New rendering techniques have been bought to the fore by premium GeForce RTX, and while the ultra-high-end segment continues to be dominated by team green, the red corner is now competitive in the mid-range with 7nm Navi GPUs and a robust ecosystem of affordable FreeSync displays.

Plenty to ponder, and we're curious to see if this week's question will be so heavily one-sided. Over to you; GeForce or Radeon for your next PC? Let us know your pick, and your reasons why, using the comments facility below.

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It's with a heavy heart, that I have to say “probably nvidia”.

I bought a 5700 XT from Scan (who have been utterly awful with their aftersales to the point I will be avoiding them in future) in September but had nothing but problems. The card was woefully unstable, and looking through Reddit etc., I'm in no way in isolation.

The final straw was when I was in the middle of a support call and the card crashed. I simply can't have something that falls over all the time.

I was really wanting to shift from nvidia's insane pricing over to AMD, but it simply isn't feasible for somebody who makes their living from their computer (as well as gaming, natch). Looking further into the problems, crashing AMD drivers, irrespective of the generation, seems to be a not uncommon occurrence.

I'm sticking with a 1070 Ti for the time being, but I might pick up a second to SLI it, or keep an eye out for some deals on the 2000 series next year or something.

You're really let me down AMD.
A couple of months ago i purchased an nVidia Geforce GTX 1650 and couldn't have been happier, now they bring out a 1650 super, but i'm happy with the one i have, so i guess i'll stay with nVidia for the foreseeable future. My next pc will have an nVidia also… I've tried Radeons and i don't like them..

Did a new build not long ago with an 8gb Radeon RX580. First non Nvidia card I've used for about 15yrs. I'm very happy with what I've got.
Whatever comes my way at the most suitable performance/price point on the second hand market.
I'm not sure, Nvidia are particularly expensive while there have been high discounts on 5700XT models that heat way too much, despite one being a triple fan setup. I depends on pricing, but I'm also not sure whether either are wise choices. The console generation seemingly is going to support raytracing so it seems somewhat wise to go for that if you want something more long term, but I'm unsure if first gen nvidia is the way to go.