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QOTW: Which CPU is inside your PC(s)?

by Parm Mann on 11 November 2016, 16:31


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There was a time when a new CPU release would have power users and PC enthusiasts rushing to make the upgrade, but these days, it seems as though a new display technology, faster storage or more powerful graphics are the driving factors.

And it's arguably not because the CPU space is short on innovation, but rather the fact that recent chip architectures have been so good that there's no feeling of urgency when a new generation comes along. My personal laptop, for example, a ThinkPad X1 Carbon from 2012, employs a dual-core Intel Core i5-3427U that's over four years old and yet is only now starting to show signs of slow-down when multi-tasking.

On the desktop, I'm using a quad-core Intel Core i7-4770K, and though said chip is over three years old, my PC still feels suitably quick, and I'm hoping it'll see me through to at least 2018. Five years between upgrades isn't what the likes of AMD and Intel want to hear, and it isn't great reading for a PC industry that has historically relied on CPU product cycles to help shift systems.

Then again, maybe I'm just slow off the mark. To canvas your opinion, this week's question is: which CPU is inside your PC(s)? Let us know the model number, how long you've had the chip, and whether or not it's still sufficient for your needs.

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2 x Intel Xeon 2670.

Had them around 6 months now (second hand from server pulls). Still doing the job and imagine they will for a good few more years. Hoping games and software start to use multi-core more and more then I definitely won't need to upgrade for a good while!
i7 - 4790K does the job for me.
FX8350 - cheap, cheerful and does what I need it to do (runs games at 1080p on max settings paired with my 1070, and that's without an OC) - maybe in a couple of years if I start gaming at 1440 on the regular I'll change it, but so far so good but I think I will be getting a 212 Evo cooler to push the speed up a little first though!
i7 4790K for me too (stock clocks until I need a boost)