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QOTW: What should AMD call its next-generation Zen processors?

by Parm Mann on 11 March 2016, 16:31


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Like a good challenge? Then put yourself in AMD's shoes. Your market share isn't pretty, revenue continues to drop, and your CPU product range is so far off the pace it's having to be sold at bargain-basement prices.

Your hopes of a turnaround are being pinned, in part, on a next-generation architecture codenamed Zen. Scheduled to arrive in Q3 of this year, Zen processors are expected to deliver IPC (instructions per clock) performance gains of up to 40 per cent. There will be support for DDR4 memory, while Zen APUs may even carry forward-looking HBM memory, and being built on a 14nm process bodes well for efficiency.

It's likely to be your most important product release in years, or perhaps of all time. But no pressure, you're only going up against that little company out of Santa Clara called Intel or something or other.

No matter how the Zen CPUs perform against the Core competition, you're going to need an epic marketing campaign, and that starts with a memorable name. So on the desktop space, what do you go for? Do you stick with the established FX brand, or do you start afresh? Rumours are suggesting that Zeppelin could be the name, but surely you can do better?

You're in charge, so thinking caps on and let's hear your suggestions in the comments below.

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Phenom III pls
Zen 1,Zen 2, Zen 3? but i guess they could go for Destroyer X9000 Titanium Steel Xtreme Legacy Edition+ ?